Monday, September 14, 2009

About Me

Kathy: If you couldn’t tell, I love to read. I may even have a slight addiction to reading, libraries, book stores, or pretty much anything related to books. I love all genres but mostly read young adult books. I suppose this is because they are usually creative, clean and can usually find any kind of genre in the young adult section. I also enjoy the classics, historical fiction, mystery, and of course I love a good romance in my stories. BWN has become a very fun hobby of mine. I enjoy reading, but I especially love letting people know about awesome books. I love when I recommend a book to someone and they end up loving it as much as me.

I'm a smidge over 30, happily married for over thirteen years and have four adorable kids. My husband is in the Marines and we've had the opportunity to move all over the U.S. and even Japan. Reading has been a great comfort throughout our moves and can be a great escape. I love Bookworm Nation and even though I don't have as much time with my little ones, I still love to escape into a good book and to share those books with others.


  1. Oh, great post! I love learning a bit more about the bloggers behind the blog. :) You guys do a great job here.

  2. fun post - good to get to know you both better. The pictures you chose for yourselves are way cute. I love To Kill a Mocking Bird too. Also thanks for giving my blog an award - I appreciate it.

  3. As the father of two Marines, one still active, I thank you and your husband.

    I just came across your blog this evening, and I have enjoyed what I've read so far. I like bloggers/reviewers that keep it clean. I look forward to reading more.


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