Monday, November 3, 2008

The Host by Stephaine Meyer

I think I showed a great deal of courage reading this book after my utter disappointment in Breaking Dawn. The general gist of the plot is that Earth has been invaded by aliens that live in our bodies like parasites. Most of human kind doesn't know this invasion has happened until it is too late. Some "hosts" are resistant like, Melanie Stryder, and she refuses to fade away when her body is turned over to an alien named Wanderer. Melanie floods Wanderers mind with images of the man she loves and her brother. Wanderer finds she loves them too and the two set off together to reclaim them.

Wanderer and Melanie share a mind so the book consists of lots of internal dialogue which can be hard to tell who is talking. Meyer seems to love description just for the sake of description and I was bogged down it that A LOT so I did some skimming. Especially at the end. The book honestly could have been about 100 pages shorter and would have lost nothing. I enjoyed that it was an adult book but with Meyer you can expect no bad language or sexual content which is wonderful! I don't normally like science fiction books but the concept intrigued me and it was a good read. I did some crying, which surprised me greatly, but there were touching parts of the story that I didn't expect. I think Meyer is a masterful author to be able to create two distinct characters that share a body and mind. The book didn't suck me in so if you decide to read it then stick with it for about 150 pages if you aren't loving it. I give it 3 and half stars. All in all a good book.

*reviewed by Jessica


  1. Oh dear, I'm stuck at about 150 pages, I guess I need to push through it. It hasn't gripped me and I often forget about it. I've heard so many mixed things but it seems to be consistant at around 3 stars. I guess I can go into it at least without any high expectations, and maybe that will help me enjoy it more?

  2. I agree with that completely. It wasn't like Twilight, where you were hooked right from the begining, but if you did keep going it got better. I ended up liking it, And I think Stephanie Meyer is a great author.


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