Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Enna Burning by Shannon Hale

"Two years have passed since the events of Goose Girl, and 16-year-old Enna has returned to the Forest to care for her dying mother. Her older brother finds a mysterious piece of vellum that teaches him to set fires with neither flint nor spark. The warm energy of the fire turns destructive as Leifer becomes controlled by the desire to burn. When Bayern goes to war, he wins a battle by burning the enemy, but dies as well. Enna discovers the vellum and its power and hopes that her new knowledge will help her protect Isi and all of Bayern, but it puts her and her loved ones in mortal danger. In some gory battle scenes, Enna burns hundreds of people alive, winning the war, but nearly dying herself. Like her ability to fire-speak, Isi's gift of wind-speak is similarly out of control. In hopes of discovering a remedy to their problems, the two young women set off for a kingdom in the south where fire-worshippers live. The answer lies in balance."

I love this new cover! Anyway, I've read this book a couple times and so I decieed I would try listening to it instead on a recent roadtrip, I loved going back to the wonderful world of Bayern. I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed this second installment in the Bayern series. Enna is a wonderful heroin and I loved her story and the struggles she had to go through. It was a great story of friendship, and also shows the slippery-slope of addiction. Isi and Enna are great friends and I enjoyed seeing their relationship grow. I loved Isi in the first book and was glad she was a major part in this secod story. Overall, I enjoyed the audio version, it really brought the story to life and it felt a lot more intense than when I had read it before. I didn't really love the voice of Finn, I love the character but the actor just didn't do anything for me. I highly recommend this series, and I am SO looking forward to Forest Born (book four) to come out this fall!

Book One: Goose Girl
Book Two: Enna Burning
Book Three: River Secrets
Book Four: Forest Born (This is the story of Razzo's little sister, Rin, who has the ability of people-speaking.)

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