Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Loser's Guide to Life and Love by A. E. Cannon

“Ordinary, boring Ed works a loser summer job at Reel Life Movies, where he doesn't even have his own name tag. He's stuck with "Sergio." Ed's only consolations are his two best friends. Shelving DVDs isn't so mind-numbingly dull with Scout cracking jokes, and after hours Ed hangs out with the super brain, Quark. Life starts to look up when the girl of his dreams saunters into Reel Life. Ed knows he doesn't stand a chance . . . but maybe, just maybe Sergio does. All he has to do is pretend to be a smoldering Brazilian stud for the rest of his life. Simple, right? But . . . Ed's new dream girl has her own secrets, Scout wants to be more than Ed's best friend, and his buddy Quark wants Scout for himself.” –GoodReads

What a fun, original story. This is a re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Nights Dream. It follows the story of our four main characters: Ed (Sergio), Scout, Quark and Ellie as they fall in and out of love and test their friendships along the way. It was enjoyable reading from each perspective and just how they actually view on another. It moves along at an entertaining pace and keeps you wanting more. I was entertaining seeing the different relationships evolve and I was wondering and hoping certain people would end up together. Again, a very fun read and I think everyone would enjoy this cute story.

Side note…it takes place in Salt Lake City, where I was born and raised, so it was fun to hear references to many places that I’ve been and even my favorite restaurant Rodizio’s which added a nice familiar element to the story.


  1. I read a review about this book awhile back and thought it sounded interesting - then I forgot about. I so glad you reviewed so that I could remember it again.

  2. That's the second time I've heard about how good this book is :-) . I might check it out. Good review.


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