Thursday, August 13, 2009

Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter by R.J. Anderson

Genre: YA Fantasy

Author Site:

First Line: “'I only want to go out for a little, little while,' the faery child pleaded.”

One Word Review: Charming

Book Synopsis: "Bryony is a faery who has spent her short life longing to leave the Oak tree that forms the boundary of her people's world. The only faeries allowed out in the wild at all are the Gatherers who are sent out to forage for food and the Queen's own hunter--a faery trained to hunt and protect the Oakenfolk and the fragile existence they have carved out for themselves. When she is summoned before the Queen, Bryony is stunned and elated to hear she is to be the new assistant to the Queen's hunter. Proving herself extraordinarly skilled, she changes her name to Knife and determines she will not only protect and provide for her people but discover why they are slowly dying out, unearth their mysterious and forbidden connection with humans, and discover why she is drawn to the stone House on the hill and to the unhappy boy named Paul who lives there." -Angieville (Hope you don't mind Angie, I just really liked your discription!)

My Review: I’ve been reading a lot of “faery” books lately and it seems that each one has a unique take on faery lore. This is no exception! I really enjoyed Spell Hunter (although, I think I like the U.K. title “Knife” better). Knife is adventurous, curious, and brave. Not considered the best attributes to the other calmer faeries that she lives with. Her bravery soon catches the attention of the faery queen and Knife becomes her personal “hunter”. While performing her duties she comes across a human boy, Paul, and soon they become fast friends, which is against all the faery rules. I enjoyed the friendship of Knife and Paul, I wasn’t sure where their story was going but I ended up pleased with how everything turned out. For some reason I had a hard time getting into this book, I ended up really liking it but it was a slow started for me. Maybe it’s because I’ve read too many faery books lately (Wings, Faerie Path, and Blackbringer). I thought it was imaginative, unique and fun. I look forward to reading the next book, Wayfarer, which follows the character Linden (a character from Spell Hunter).

I’m not sure which cover I like more, but I’m leaning towards the U.K. version.

Reading Order:
Book One: Spell Hunter
Book Two: Wayfarer

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  1. I was wondering who the next story was about in the series, since Knife's story was mostly wrapped up. I'm glad you liked it! I also like the UK cover. It's awesome!

  2. Yeah, this was a fun one. I quite liked how it wrapped up.


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