Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols

Genre: YA Fiction

Author Website:

One Word Review: Fun

First Line: “At the groan of a door opening, I looked up from my chemistry notebook.”

Synopsis: “Hayden and Nick used to be a hot item, but their brief affair ended with a highly publicized breakup. Now the two are "just friends," excluding the occasional flirtation. When Hayden wins the girls' division of a local snowboarding competition, Nick is unimpressed, claiming that Hayden wouldn't have a chance against a guy. Hayden calls Nick's bluff and challenges him to a head-to-head boarding contest. Their mutual friends quickly take sides, the girls on Hayden's and the boys on Nick's, making for an all-out battle of the sexes. This friendly competition is bound to get heated - and they might end up igniting some old flames.” -GoodReads

Kathy’s Review: I’ve been seeing this book a lot as I surf through different book review sites and finally decided to go pick up a copy for myself. This was a fun, light romantic story. I enjoyed Hayden’s character as well as Nick’s. They have great chemistry together, but not the best communication skills. They had a TON of misunderstandings over really simple things. I don’t blame Hayden for being reluctant to trust Nick, what with their history and all. But I couldn’t understand why Nick was surprised that Hayden didn’t trust him. Anyway, I’m rambling. I thought it was a fun, original story and I really enjoyed it.

One thing that really got on my nerves was how whenever Nick’s hair fell in his face he used his pinky to move it out of the way. Apparently this is a really sexy move for Hayden, but for me I thought it was weird and overused. If you have to move your hair that much, cut it. And who uses their pinky to move their hair anyway?

There is a little swearing, but overall it was pretty clean.

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