Thursday, January 14, 2010

Booking Thru Thursday

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme hosted at Booking Through Thursday. It asks fun book related questions each week. It’s a fun way to get you thinking about your books and share you're thoughts with other book bloggers. Once you’ve completed your post return to Booking Through Thursday and leave a comment and link. This week's question is:

Do you read the inside flaps that describe a book before or while reading it?

That’s a tricky question. Before I found sites like GoodReads or Amazon I used to always read the inside flap, or back of the book. Now, I usually read reviews or book descriptions online and hardly read the flaps anymore. Sometimes for my blog I will re-type the flap if I like how it’s written, but mostly I already know what the book is about before I buy it or check it out from the library.


  1. If there's a flap, I read it. My answer is here.

  2. I agree. Recently I read a review on Lesa's Book Critiques for "Confections of a Closet Master Baker." It made me want to buy the book without looking at the flap. If it's a book new to me that I find at a bookstore, the flap will make or break the sale. Usually before buying, however, I check to see if my library has a copy. I can do it on the spot with my iphone.

  3. Hey Jess, are you still reviewing books? The other day you told me you were finishing a good one I should read. Where is it? Slacker.


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