Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pen-Names, Comments and Other Random Thoughts

A few months ago I found out that one of my favorite authors, Janette Rallison, had started out her writing career under the pen-name of Sierra St. James. At that point I had read all of Rallison’s books and was a little sad that I had to wait until May 2010 for her next book to come out (My Double Life), so I was extra excited to find out she had written four books under the name St. James. I quickly ordered them (well, I’m still waiting on one) off Amazon Marketplace and they definitely helped pass the time until her May release, and I enjoyed them as much as her Rallison books. Soon after, I found another author, Rachel Hawthorne, had also written under the pen-name Jade Parker. I had actually read books under both names not realizing they were the same person. I’ve thought about it off and on and wonder how many other authors have written under pen-names that I have no clue about. So, I’m hoping some of you can leave comments of authors you know and love who have written under pen-names.

Next, although I have been blogging for awhile now I’m still a little unsure about the whole comment etiquette. Before I explain, I just want to say how much BWN loves getting comments, its fun to hear what others think of our reviews or the books we’re writing about. So, what is the proper comment etiquette? When someone leaves a comment on your post, do you respond on the same post or go to their blog and leave a comment? Is it necessary to respond to every comment or maybe just ones where they’ve left a question? When you leave a comment, do you go back and check if there is a response, or like me do you forget and not really think about it again? There are times where I will go back and check, I know Angieville for example is awesome at responding to comments left on her blog. So, again I’m hoping you can help educate me on what the proper comment etiquette is so I don’t continue to insult people by doing it wrong.

I love blogs that provide an archive of previous reviews. Sometimes I’m curious if they have read the same book and what their thoughts were, and it’s hard to locate past posts without an archive or previous review section. So, for those of you who haven’t created an archive list...please do!

Lastly, I just want to say thanks to all our loyal followers…we finally reached 50 followers this week and we’re so excited! I am even thinking of hosting a giveaway to celebrate the occasion!



  1. I agree about having a review archive. What's the point of having reviews if nobody can find them?

    As for comment etiquette... I don't think there are any hard-and-fast rules. I try to visit people's blogs if they leave a comment on mine, and I'll leave my own comment if I find something interesting there. I don't think it's necessary to respond to every comment; some people would be doing nothing but that all day, since their blogs are so popular!

  2. I just found out yesterday that Ally Carter is a pen name though she hasn't written anything under her real name. I was surprised to hear that.
    I've been trying to comment back but don't always get around to it. I don't think there is one way to do it though.

  3. You're very kind, Kath. I happen to really enjoy responding to my comments. But I realize it's not everyone's thing and it could take some people way too long. But I do go back when I've asked a question or made a comment I think the blog owner might respond to to see if he or she has. No big deal if they haven't, but I do love the extended conversations that do go on in comments here and there.

    It's totally your call, of course.

  4. I agree, there aren't any set rules for commenting, you just need to do what works for you. I used to reply to every comment, but realizing that not everyone checks back I now usually just reply to comments that include questions.

    Jennifer at Reading with Tequila does feedback posts once a week where she posts questions that have come up in comments. She uses the feedback posts to answer those questions and it gives her space to go into extra detail. Its a fun and unique way to deal with comments.

  5. LOL! Kath you had me laughing, you're so nice to even check in on the "etiquette" on blog comments. That is partly the reason why your blog is so successful...because you CARE!! That is huge. If someone is going to spend their time on something, it helps them to know that the person on the other end cares. Just keep doing what you are doing Kath...its working!! Hugs,

  6. Wow, I had no idea about the pen names either. Definitely going to check out Sierra St. James now. Thanks for the heads up! :)

    re comment etiquette...When I first started blogging, I commented on comments left on my blog AND I visited everyone's blog who commented on mine and left comments. It got to be way overwhelming. So now, when I have the time, I try to visit the blogs of the people that comment on mine...but more for fun and not b/c I have to. btw, thanks for commenting on my blog. That's how I ended up here. And I love your header!! :)

  7. Thanks everyone for the great feedback! I'm going to make more of an effort to respond to comments and also I've made a goal to start leaving more comments on other peoples blogs. =)

  8. is another author who commonly uses pen names (I'm not sure why she doesnt just write under one name, but owell.)

    Kate Brian, Kieran Scott and Emma Harrison are all the SAME author!

    I've only read one book by this author, Megan Meads Guide to Dating the McGowan Boys, which I really enjoyed!


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