Saturday, July 3, 2010

Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George

Genre: Fairytale Retelling

Publication Date: May 2010

One Word Review: Great

Author Website:

First Line: “When someone knocked on the bedroom door, Poppy nearly leaped right off the bed.”

GoodReads Synopsis: Hoping to escape the troubles in her kingdom, Princess Poppy reluctantly agrees to take part in a royal exchange program, whereby young princes and princesses travel to each other’s countries in the name of better political alliances—and potential marriages. It’s got the makings of a fairy tale—until a hapless servant named Eleanor is tricked by a vengeful fairy godmother into competing with Poppy for the eligible prince. Ballgowns, cinders, and enchanted glass slippers fly in this romantic and action-packed happily-ever-after quest from an author with a flair for embroidering tales in her own delightful way.

Kathy’s Review: Loved it! This was an interesting take on the Cinderella story, told from the perspective of Poppy, Christian and Eleanora. I’m thinking Eleanora is supposed to be the “Cinderella” character, but the main characters are really Poppy and Christian. I loved both, they were fun to read and I enjoyed their relationship. Poppy is a fun and unique heroine. She is a bit of a tom-boy, but is striving to be a little more lady like. She doesn’t take any gruff from people and jumps in to help when she sees her friends in trouble. Christian was also a great leading man, even when he was “enchanted” with Ella his feeling for Poppy kept him grounded. I hope I haven’t given away too much there. This is a sequle/companion to Princess of the Midnight Ball, it could probably stand on its own, but I would recommend reading them in order.

The story unfolded smoothly, was well paced, and full of surprises. Day was able to mix in common elements of the Cinderella story while still creating a very unique and enjoyable version. I think Day is an amazing author and I love her books, I truly hope there will be many more!

Bookworm Rating: 5

Reading Order:
Book One: Princess of the Midnight Ball
Book Two: Princess of Glass


  1. I'm so glad yu enjyoed this! I look forward ot reading it, as I love classical retellings.

  2. I read the Princess of the Midnight Ball and loved it, I hope this one will be as good. thanks for the review!

  3. I loved this too! Congrats on your new sweet baby boy!:) I hope you are adjusting well!

  4. Once I Read the first Chapter I was hooked by the book. I couldnt put it down. This is my favorite book and i love it!! :)


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