Saturday, February 16, 2013

Everard Legacy by Regina Scott

This was a fun new regency series, one that you would definitely want to read in order. There is an overlapping mystery throughout and you may be a little lost if read out of order. Each book also has a lovely romance that really outshines the mystery aspects. It did feel at time that the mystery was there to help bring the characters together. I read these more for the relationship than for the mystery. The first three books focus on the story of three men, two brothers and a cousin. They all at one point in their lives came to live with their uncle and are very close. They are brought together again when their uncles dies under mysterious circumstances, but also when they find out he had a daughter they never knew about. The first three books of the series focuses on uncovering the truth behind their uncles death. The last book takes place about eight years later, but has strong ties to the first three books. It is probably the only one that could really stand on its own, but would probably be better appreciated if read in order.
Overall, I thought it was a fun series. I liked each of the different romances and thought we were given some very likable characters. It was fun to see the different couples come together. I especially liked the last book, it was nice to see how close everyone was. These would fall under Christian fiction, to be honest, I kind of skipped some of the preaching stuff and all of the prayers were in italics (which were easy to skip). Not that there is anything wrong with that stuff, but I prefer to have good characters without the obvious preaching. It was pretty mild compared to some and again easy to overlook if you don’t like that stuff, but also well done if you do.
Content: Clean
Reading Order:
Book One: The Rogue’s Reform
Book Two: The Captain’s Courtship
Book Three: The Rakes Redemption
Book Four: The Heiress Homecoming

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