Thursday, October 23, 2014

Character Casting Reveals, Part IV

I LOVE Marcia's Westerns, so I was really excited for this casting reveal! There are a couple on here that are probably more "historical" (like Fragrance, which we didn't get finished until yesterday), but we figured it'd be okay to put them here. I really love this set, hope you do too!
The Bewitching of Amoretta Ipswich
The Haunting of Autumn Lake
The Windswept Flame
Sweet Cherry Ray
Dusty Britches
The Heavenly Surrender
The Prairie Prince
Weathered Too Young
The Fragrance of Her Name
Desert Fire
Sudden Storms
Touch of Sage
The Visions of Ransom Lake
The Light of the Lovers Moon
To Echo the Past


  1. You did great! I personally would switch Paxton in sudden storms with rebel in touch of sage. Rebel to me seemed slightly older. GreAt job!

  2. Well hello there Stoney and Ryder... Holy hot!
    These all look great. :)

  3. Tori- We aim to please!! ;) These westerns were probably my favorite to cast! I wouldn't mind jumping into a few of these books.

    Teya-Hmm, maybe KJ can whip something up.

  4. Stoney and Ryder were changed a couple of times before we came up with the perfect ones! Glad you love them Tori! ;)

    Ummm... how about I try and come up with a new Rebel instead of switching them?! I literally spent hours on finding the right Paxton and Ryan Paevey is it. Lol. Ryan Guzman doesn't have the eyes or the hair to match Paxton. And yes I am that picky when it comes to casting. Lol. Just ask Kath... I'm sure I drove her insane with all my changes!! I'm surprised that she still wants to be my friend... ;) Hehe.

  5. KJ-You're great to work with, I love that you really try and find the perfect match and try to stay true to the character descriptions. We may not always agree, but that just keeps things interesting. ;)

  6. No seriously you both did a delicious job! I think these are some of my favorites. There's always tell give your opinion so I had. You don't have to change they are totally yummy!


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