Monday, March 9, 2015

Swoon Fest: Love & Dessert Trilogy

This was the series that first introduced me to Shannon Guymon. When I saw You Belong With Me it just kind of called out to me and once I started reading I was hooked. This series follows the three Kendall sister as they embark on a fun journey of self discovery and love. Their estranged grandmother left them her bakery, Belinda's, after she passes away. It reunites the three sisters and makes for a very fun setting. Not only did they inherit the bakery, but they also inherited their grandmothers talent and soon they have a very successful business. Along they way they each find love, but it doesn't come easy. Of course, their love stories is my favorite part, but I also really loved the setting and each book even has a touch of suspense.
You Belong With Me Layla is the oldest Kendall sister and sees herself as a protector and mother figure. She has helped raise the girls from an early age and takes her role seriously. She's also a burned out social worker and as the book opens is a bit hardened by all the things she has experienced. Not open to love. Then Michael enters the picture and is able to see through Layla's tough exterior and sees the loving woman underneath. They have great chemistry and fall pretty hard pretty fast.
I Belong With You Kit is the middle sister. I think she really grows a lot during her story. I liked how she realizes the mistakes she made in past relationships and really wanted to make sure she didn't continue dating the wrong guy. Hunter was also a great character, I really liked that he was a nerd. Nerds can be cute and swoony too! They had a fun love story and have to overcome a lot before they can get together.
My Sweetheart This was my favorite of the series. Jane is the youngest and probably the character I like the most. She is a sweetheart! I also really enjoyed her love story. It kind of takes place over the whole series, but this time we finally get things from her point of view. She falls for Officer Tate Matafeo the first time she sees him, and while he seems interested in her, he continually sends mixed signals. It was nice to finally see what his deal was. He had some pretty legit reason for taking things slow. I loved how he was willing to risk it all to be with her. They have awesome chemistry and are just a fun couple to root for. This book also ties up the mystery and answers any lingering questions from the previous books. A great conclusion to the series.
This was such a fun series! Everyone I've recommended it to has really enjoyed it. It also kicks off the Fircrest series, there are four more trilogies that all take place in this fun town. Each trilogy can stand on its own, but I recommend reading them in order. I think you can appreciate the later stories a little better when you read them in order. If you haven't read anything by Shannnon Guymon yet, give this series a try. I promise you won't be disappointed!

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