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Hope(less) by Melissa Haag

Hope(less) (Judgement of the Six, #1)Hope(less) by Melissa Haag
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy
Published: November 2013

Pretty good.

Gabby’s always been a little different, being able to see peoples inner light (not sure how to describe it) and for some reason has an unnaturally strong appeal to men. Because of this, and losing her family and having to be raised in foster care, she has built up some pretty think walls. She is about to be kicked out of her latest foster home when she is walking home from the park and runs into a werewolf.

I thought Gabby was a pretty likable character. Considering her background, I could understand her strong desire to live her life and make her own choices. She wants to get out on her own, go to college, start a career and be self reliant. She does not want to be “claimed” by a werewolf at just eighteen and be tied to someone who will prevent her from fulfilling those dreams. I liked that she was always looking for the good in people, especially those close to her, yet was careful not to let people take advantage of her.

Clay was an interesting character. Still not quite sure what to think about him. Mild spoiler, he doesn’t speak for pretty much the entire book. We’re left having to get to know him in a totally different way. Based on his actions and how he treats Gabby we learn that he’s a pretty great guy. I think the book would have been strong if it had switched POV so we could really get to know him better though. And I admit, I was expecting a little more in regards to *why* he never spoke to Gabby. I thought his reasoning was a little anti-climatic. Could just be me though. I still thought they had a good relationship and it does grow throughout the story, which takes place a little over six months. I like that it took place over a longer time frame.

I thought the werewolf mythology was unique, but could have been developed a little more. Same with Gabby’s talents, which I thought could have been explained a little better. I was kind of confused by that. I’m guessing it will be explained a little more in future books, although it’s my understanding that the following books each focus on a different H/h.

I did think it was a little slow in places, but overall an enjoyable read that kept my interest.

Romance: Clean, just kissing and mild innuendo. Talk about roommate spending the night at her boyfriends house and vice versa.
Language: Mild
Violence: Mild, not overly descriptive fight scene
Religious: None
Series: Book One, Judgment of the Six

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