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Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson

EdenbrookeEdenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson
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Each time I read this I seem to fall in love just a little bit more. It really is one of my very favorite regencies. I remember when it first came out I was drawn to its beautiful cover, it really fits the story so well.

Marianne is a likable heroine, a bit blind at times and so modest that she couldn't possibly imagine that anyone would chose her over her beautiful twin Cecily. After the tragic death of her mother, she is separated from her twin and sent to live with her grandmother in Bath. Unlike her sister, she prefers the quiet country life and is unhappy living in a bigger city. Marianne is witty, kind and has an innocence that is endearing.

Philip is the ideal hero, it's no surprise that so many people have added him to their "book boyfriend" list. He is just the kind of regency hero that I adore, a true gentleman. He is kind, charming, full of integrity and he just treats Marianne so well. I really loved everything about him, very swoon-worthy.

Philip and Marianne have an awesome love story, while there is an attraction, I loved that they actually build a friendship first. They're is an easy report between them and you can really feel their connection. Marianne is shy and inexperienced, which I thought was realistic for the time period, and while Philip’s intentions may be obvious to us. Marianne is also loyal to a fault and put others needs ahead of her own, which helps explain why I think she purposefully chooses to ignore what's right in front of her.

I loved the writing, it flowed really well and was written in a way that you’re able to get lost in the story and forget that you’re reading. I also loved the supporting characters, especially Philip’s aunt, uncle and mother. Every time I read this I secretly hope that Cecily will get her own book. She is easily swayed by her friendships and worldly pursuits, I just think there is a lot of potential there to see her grow and mature. While I didn't really like Cecily, there were a few times we see glimpses of a genuine person beneath her sometimes self-centered persona and I think it would be fun to see her get her own book.

Overall, a light and fun regency romance. Would recommend to fans of Courting Miss Lancaster and Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince.

Romance: Clean and swoony
Language: None
Violence: Mild

Source: Kindle and paperback

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  1. Oh, how I adore this book! It's the one I've re-read the most :) Never gets old...


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