Saturday, November 5, 2016

Love's Broken Road by Julie Coulter Bellon

Love's Broken RoadLove's Broken Road by Julie Coulter Bellon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've really enjoyed Ms. Bellon's books! She normally writes Romantic Suspense, which is a genre I enjoy, but not one I read from all that often (I have to be in the right mood). So, I was excited when I heard her newest novel was a good old contemporary romance. :)

This was a sweet story about new beginnings and new love. Victoria has survived a very abusive marriage and after the passing of her husband she is ready to gain control of her life again. Wanting a fresh start she moves states and starts completely over in the small town of Lincoln, Utah. Victoria was a likable character, we don't know too much of what she went through, but she is still dealing with the lasting effects of her marriage. She is strong though and wants to do all she can to help her young son. She accepts a job as a high school math teacher and her first day is introduced to the charming English teacher, Mr. Drew Dalton. Drew is also a widow, only his was a happy marriage and one he may not be able to move on from.

It's interesting to see these two characters come together. One from a bad marriage and one from a really good one. They have a lot of issues they have to overcome and lingering feelings they have to deal with before either is really ready to jump into anything new.

I enjoyed this story, I thought it was well written and kept me wanting to see what would happen next and how everything will work out. Even though it does have some serious themes, the book is kept pretty light, never dwelling too much on the negative. Which I love, I read to escape and I liked the balance of reality and keeping things light. The romance was sweet and you can't help rooting for these two to figure things out. I loved the setting, I'm a sucker for the small-town charm. I hope Ms. Bellon sets more books here, maybe Drew's sister could get a book?!?!

Anyway, this was a nice read and one I'd recommend for a cozy afternoon reading session.

Romance: Clean
Language: None
Violence: Mention of past abuse, no details
Religious: None


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