Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley

The Hero and the Crown by Robin Mckinley was my rebound book from the most disappointing book ever, Breaking Dawn. This book came highly recommended from a close friend and to be honest I read it just so she wouldn't bother me about it. I had read another McKinley book that I didn't like so I wasn't looking forward to reading this one. What a pleasant surprise it turned out to be. I love books with strong female characters and this book didn't disappoint in that area. Although why does it seem that every book about a herione describes her with red hair, green eyes, clumsy, and big feet? I swear I can call that from the cheap seats. There is a love story and while it doesn't drive the story it is promient enough to satisfy the romantic in all of us. The story moves along pretty well except there are long passages with no dialouge that drug on for me. I simply skimmed some of these pages and that could have contributed to my being pretty dang confused in parts. Mckinley has lyrical writting that takes your full concentration to read and understand. Since I tend to read in between other tasks or while the TV is on I had a hard time in some parts. Over-all I give it a 4 out of 5 stars and look forward to reading the companion book The Blue Sword.

Synopsis of The Hero and the Crown~

Aerin is the only child of the king of Damar, and should be his rightful heir. But she is also the daughter of a witch-woman of the North, who died when she was born, and the Damarians cannot trust her. But Aerin's destiny is greater than her father's people know, for it leads her to battle with Maur, the Black Dragon, and into the wilder Damarian Hills, where she meets the wizard Luthe. It is he who at last tells her the truth about her mother, and he also gives over to her hand the Blue Sword. But such gifts as these bear a greater price, a price Aerin only begins to realize when she faces the evil mage, Agsded, who has seized the Hero's Crown, greatest treasure and secret strength of Damar.
Reviewed by: Jessica


  1. I agree about the red-head thing, I've noticed that too. I enjoyed your review, I think I will read the book now and give McKinley another shot.

  2. Another red head book? Only she's far from clumsy, and one of my favorite heroines. It's a compilation of 2 books, so you get the beginning of the story, and don't have to wait for a conclusion to come out. :) Let me know if you decide to read it.

  3. By the way have you ever read any Sandra Browns? I was looking at her 'Mirror Image' book, but I hate getting ones only to find they aren't good...
    Also I found an online library where you can rent books without buying them. Have you used anything like that? I would like to know if it would be worth it... humm.


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