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Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

I just want to warn you that this is a long review and does contain spoilers.

I have so many mixed feelings about this book. I know how hard it is for an author to come up with a final book in a series, there are so many expectations and there is no way to make everyone happy. Having said that, give me a break! This book was crazy and definitely my least favorite of the series. The book was way too long, although I don’t mind long books if things are happening, but nothing happened for the majority of the book. I think the only reason why I kept reading was because I was so curious about what would happen with everyone.

-I enjoyed Bella and Edwards wedding. I know a lot of people are upset that they got married “so young” I am really glad they got married. When people are in love they should get married, and they definitely should be married before having sex. So, I was very glad that SM had them married before they did anything.
-Through four books Bella has gone through some pretty upsetting things, had heartbreaks and a lot of stress in her young life, so I was happy that she did get everything she wanted. She finally married Edward, became a vampire, had a baby and was able to maintain her relationship with her dad. It shows that we should have hope and that if we work hard and make the right choices that things can work out the way you want.
-I liked that Bella finally became a vampire and I enjoyed reading about her transformation and how she was able to transition. I liked that she was able to adjust so quickly. I also enjoyed that she was finally confident and was stronger than Emmett and Edward.
-Originally I was really surprised that Bella became pregnant (I didn’t think Edward had it in him, so to speak). After adjusting to the idea I liked that Bella and Edward would be parents. I also liked it because so many Jacob fans said she should go with him because she could have a family with Jacob…well Ha Ha Ha, she had a baby with Edward!
-So many people complained that Bella didn’t go to school first. Well, duh. You don’t have to chose between getting married and going to school, you can do both. Bella will live forever she can get 100 degrees if she wants. I liked that she chose to get married AND go to school, again its not one or the other and getting married doesn’t ruin your dreams.
-I liked that Bella was finally able to share her thoughts with Edward and that they were able to live happily ever after. Just remember it’s a fiction love story, so of course they should end up happily ever after!

-Jacob. I’m sorry I’m just not a fan and I was very disappointed to see a whole section written from his perspective. I don’t really care what Jacob is thinking because he only thinks one thing “I Love Bella”. I was a little sick of his obsession with her. Nothing much happened in his part, other than he imprints on Renesmee. WHAT!?! Did SM honestly have him imprint on Bella’s daughter? So Jake is the son-in-law to Edward and Bella, that’s just the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. My friend Jessica has a perfect solution to this problem…. While Bella and Edward are on their honeymoon they come across the vampire/humans and rescue a baby that was being hunted or something. They adopt the baby and bring it back with them to Forks. Jacob imprints on that kid and then Jacob and Bella can be friends and we can avoid the whole mess of Jacob falling for Bella’s daughter. (Jessica said it better than me, but you get the idea).
-I didn’t like the name Renesmee. Its hard to say, spell, remember, read, etc. I also didn’t like that if it was a boy she was going to name him “Edward Jacob”. Its like Bella has no feelings for her husband at all. You just don’t name your kids after ex-boyfriends.
-I missed Alice. She was gone for the majority of the book and mostly replaced with Rosalie. Who likes Rosalie, she is a horrible “person”, so bitter and self-centered.
-There was hardly anything going on between Edward and Bella, other than sex. The tention is gone and as Jessica says, reading about married people can be boring.
-Bella and the fake IDs. Really, what’s the point, it took up way too much time with no end result. Just a waste and pretty boring to read. I guess you add chapters like that in to make the book longer?
-There is a huge build up for the confrontation between Cullen’s and Volturi. I enjoyed all the other vampires coming into town and hearing about their special abilities. It was interesting hearing how powerful the Cullen’s are considered in the vampire world. So I was expecting a big fight when the Volturi came to town. But what happens…. NOTHING. They have a little chat and then go home.
-Although Bella’s superpower was kind of cool, I think it could have been better. Like she could have been able to absorb others powers and use them, instead she just makes a shield.

So, overall I would give this book 3 out of 5 stars. I think the Twilight series would have been better as a trilogy. It is worth reading Breaking Dawn, it kept me reading and it has been fun discussing with friends.
Reviewed by: Kathy


  1. I think one day I'll get over how much this book disappointed me! I wish I could get a refund and that I would have gotten it from the library for free.

  2. I haven't quite finished it yet. I like it quite a bit, but not as much as I liked Twilight.

  3. Actually, the book turned out very similar to how I thought it would/should. Once I realized Bella was pregnant I had no doubt that Jacob would imprint on the baby. And it makes sense to me; it's a good way for them all to stay together.

    While at first I was annoyed by the Jacob part, but really, how would the book have been from Bella's perspective at that point? BORING!

    I agree 100% on the names - I think Renesmee is a dumb name that took absolutely no imagination.

    And hey, let's be honest, for a newly married couple with really intensified feelings, sexuality is kind of a big focus. That would calm down later. :)

    Just my thoughts. It's been interesting hearing everyone else's.

  4. I am still not too sure how I feel about this book. I liked it, but... I feel like there is something missing. It wasn't what I expected at all... but then again... I am not even sure what I expected. I guess I was kind of left speechless. Hmmmmm

  5. I couldn't agree more with everything you said! It's like I wrote this review! The book was just okay for me. Definitely not the best one of the series and I'm sure I won't be reading it again.


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