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Dragon Spear by Jessica Day George

Genre: YA Fiction

Author Site:

First Line: “It’s a bucket of sand,” I said.

One Word Review: Fun

Book Synopsis: "As far as Creel is concerned, all is finally right with the world. The dragon king, Shardas, and his queen, Velika, have made a home for themselves on the Far Islands, and for the first time in centuries it seems dragons and humans might be able to live together in peace. So what better time for Creel and Luka to plan their wedding? But when Velika is kidnapped, Creel and Luka will join Shardas on their most dangerous mission yet-- only to discover that the real enemy may be one of their own. and if dangerous new foes and volcanic eruptions weren't enough to throw off the wedding, add in a bushel of unwanted relations and a little accident involving not one but two wedding gowns, and Creel's dream wedding might be turning into a nightmare." -GoodReads

My Review:
This is the third book in the Dragon Trilogy, and probably my least favorite of the three. Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoyed the story and thought it was a good book. It just didn’t capture me the way that Dragon Slippers did. It was a fun story, I loved being reunited with all my favorite characters again, and watch as they go through yet another unbeatable obstacle. I love Shardas and Velika, as well as many of the other dragons. George goes into a lot more detail about dragon history/culture that I thoroughly enjoyed. I am not usually a huge “dragon lover” but these books have converted me. I was glad to see Hagen (Creel’s brother) more in this book and think it would be awesome if George did a spin-off series with Hagen as our lead!

Cover Comments: I like the book covers, especially the dragons. However, they always make Creel out to be twelve, instead of 18+ that she actually is. I know this book is targeted to the juvenile audience, but I think all three can appeal to all age ranges and wish that they had depicted Creel a little older. Still cute covers though.

Reading Order:
Book One: Dragon Slippers
Book Two: Dragon Flight

Book Three: Dragon Spear

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