Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dragon Flight by Jessica Day George

“In her last adventure, Creel talked her way out of a dragon’s clutches. Then she talked her way into a job as a seamstress, caught the eye of a prince, foiled a diabolical princess’s plans to take over a country, and, oh yes, was named Heroine of the Dragon Wars for her troubles. Now, with the Dragon Wars over, Creel is back to work as a seamstress. Business is steady and life is good, but it’s also a bit…dull. So when word comes that a bordering country has been training dragons for an imminent invasion, Creel throws herself into the line of duty again. After all, joining forces with dragons, rekindling a friendship with the prince who captured her heart, and maybe—just maybe—saving the day has got to be more fun than sewing dresses for some snooty duchess, right?”

I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email informing me that my copy of Dragon Flight had come in at the library. Luckily, my husband had to go into work today so I was able to curl up and continue the story of Creel and her dragon friends. I was a bit nervous to start, wondering if I would like it as much as the first, and was pleased when I started reading and things picked up right where we left off. The story was original and full of adventure. It was a great sequel and again draws you into the wonderful world of Feravel. Creel is charming as ever, and you fall in love with her best friend Marta. My only complaint is that the relationship between Creel and Luka is not used enough, or at least I didn’t feel like there was enough interaction between them. It’s said that they correspond through letter, and in some parts of the book they are together, but it felt a little lacking. I am very eager to read the third book and hope that Luke and Creel will be together more.

Book One: Dragon Slippers
Book Two: Dragon Flight
Book Three: Dragon Spear (released May 12, 2009)

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