Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Echo the Past by Marcia Lynn McClure

Genre: Western Romance

Publication Date: 2005

One Word Review: Cute

Author Website:

GoodReads Synopsis: As her family abandoned the excitement of the city for the uneventful lifestyle of a small, western town, Brynn Clarkston's worst fears were realized. Stripped of her heart's hopes and dreams, Brynn knew true loneliness. Until an ordinary day revealed a heavenly oasis in the desert . . . Michael McCall. Handsome and irresistibly charming, Michael McCall (the son of legendary horse breeder Jackson McCall) seemed to offer wild distraction and sincere friendship to Brynn. But could Brynn be content with mere friendship when her dreams of Michael involved so much more?

Kathy’s Review: This was the sequel (kind of) to Desert Fire. It follows the son from Jackson & Annie. I thought it was a cute story, kind of uneventful and a little cookie-cutter. Brynn seemed really similar to a lot of other heroines in McClure books, I kind of wish she had more of a backbone and wasn’t so bashful around Michael. Michael was also a lot like other heroes from McClure books. I did like that they had normal names, and even though it was predictable it was still enjoyable. The “drama” at the end seemed a little random, not enough build up and was over pretty quickly. Not my favorite McClure book, but still cute.

Bookworm Rating: 3

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