Thursday, October 9, 2014

Character Casting Reveals, Part II

Here is another batch of character casting. Today we're revealing the lead couples in Marcia's remaining contemporary novels. It was fun casting the contemporaries, it was easy to picture a big screen movie with these couples. What do you think?
Take a Walk With Me
A Good-Lookin' Man
Love Me
The Man of Her Dreams
Kissing Cousins

Trove of the Passion Room
A Better Reason to Fall in Love
One Classic Latin Lover, Please
A Kiss in the Dark
(Updated from last weeks reveal, new casting)
The Chimney Sweep Charm
(Updated from last weeks reveal, new photos)
(We're still not sure about these two, suggestions welcome...)


  1. I am not going to lie...these are AWESOME! There is only one I would change and even then, individually I love these two - it's just cause I am familiar with their work. Mandy Moore and Zac Efron...just not together. But Who am I? I love this! Great work!

  2. Lisa, I don't know, I think I could see them together. :) Who would you cast for Passion Room?

  3. Oh I think he is awesome Maxim for Passion Room... and she is an adorable Sharlamagne...maybe it's cause I know she is a few years older that I don't see them together. Weird, huh? But really, I just love this stuff...seriously! =)

  4. I haven't read Trove of the Passion Room yet, but it should be at my library tomorrow for me. I have NO PROBLEM picturing Zac Efron as Maxim even though I have no idea how he's suppose to look. haha

  5. Wow this is soooo gud .... i love this section. Great job :)

  6. Love these! Only one I might change unless he's just hunched over in the picture for the nakedness equality. Still oooooohhhhhhh yummy!

  7. Oh wow, great job!! I absolutely love your Vance and Boston from Kiss in the Dark!!

  8. I like Mandy and Zac together actually...and I totally think it fits.


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