Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Trivia and Fun Stuff Tuesdays

I thought Tuesday's would be a good day for randomness. We have a little trivia for you today, a casting poll and a fun discussion on which McClure book you read first. I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone. Just leave your answers in the comments section (I'll answer the quiz questions in a day or so once everyone has had a chance to play).

Who Said It?
(A big thanks to Stacy Hall for the trivia questions!)

1) "Don't worry about it being so dark, I'll just feel my way to makin' a devil of myself.”

2) "Well, my lips are still feeling a bit chapped. You sure you don't want to help me out?"

3) “Well. I'll be in bed... waiting for you. And don't forget the bacon."

4) "Then let's quit dancin' around this and get down to some real kissin, hold on to your corset strings, baby...'cause I'm about to teach you a lesson for makin' fun of me."

Who Plays It Better?
I just finished reading The Whispered Kiss and the people we had originally chosen to cast as Coquette and Valor just didn’t match when I read it again. So, we played around and narrowed it down to these two couples. Which couple do you think most represents Coquette and Valor? If you have someone else in mind, please share!

Okay, Tori had a good idea of mixing it up a bit and I have to say I love the results:
Which was your first MLM book?
We've been talking about which McClure book we read first and if it coincidentally was also our favorite. It's been fun seeing what everyone listed as their first MLM book and in a lot of cases it did end up being their favorite. You can find that discussion on our Happily Ever After Book Group. I wanted to open it up to everyone, so what was your first McClure book?


  1. I'll post the answer to the quotes a little later.

    My vote is for the couple on the left! :)

    My first McClure book was Weathered Too Young! I had actually seen a review for The Prairie Prince on my friend Chantele Sedgwicks blog and couldn't find a copy so I read Weathered Too Young and fell in love. It's still one of my very favorites of hers, its too hard to narrow it down to just one.

  2. I like the guy on the left as Valor (the black and white photo) and the girl on the right in green Coquette. :)

    My first book was Visions of Ransom Lake. I loved it, but went on to read Dusty Britches and loved it more. :) The Pirate Ruse is another fave. I really like Sudden Storms, Light of the Lovers Moon, and Windswept Flame, and.... there's too many to name! :)

  3. Oh I forgot- I know the first quote is Ryder Maddox from Dusty Britches. I'll have to think about the others. :)

  4. I wanna say that #4 is Weathered Too Young... Slater Evans...

  5. I like the mash up with the guy from the left and the girl from the right. :)
    My first book was A Heavenly Surrender and it's still one of my favorites!

  6. Tori, You're good at this! ;)

  7. I like the mashup the best.
    1) I have no idea...
    2) Bo Booker from Daydreams--I think...
    3) Jagger from A Better Reason to fall in love?
    4) Slater!! One of my favs! Weathered Too Young

    My first Marcia book was Heavenly Surrender, and yes it is still one of my favs. I have read it over and over again--like most of Marcia's books.

  8. I believe I am going to be the first and only one to say this... my first Marcia book was The Time of Aspen Falls... and while I still enjoy it... it's not my favorite. And please don't shoot me! Lol. I really do like it but if I could only ever read 5 Marcia books for the rest of my life I don't think it would make the list... *runs and hides in corner*

    1. My first book (The Visions of Ransom Lake) isn't my favorite either (or in my top 5), so you're ok!! (Or maybe I need to hide too!! haha)

    2. *whew* I'm not the only one! Haha! And there is always room in the corner for more! ;)

  9. No worries KJ, I don't think anyone will be too upset. :) Be thinking of your top five favorites though, we're going to be playing a desert island game next week... :)

    1. Sweet! I can't wait! I better start narrowing my choices down... :)

  10. #2 Bo Booker from Daydreams
    #3 Scott Pendleton from Love Me

    I like the third, the mixture of the first two

    I believe my first MLM book was Dusty Britches. I have too many favorites to name. ;)

  11. The mixture picture is a fabulous match!

    Weathered Too Young was my first book and is definitely one of my all time fave's. I was hooked from then on.

  12. Here are the answers:

    1) Ryder Maddox, Dusty Britches
    2) Slater Evans, Weathered Too Young
    3) Bo Booker, Daydreams
    4) Scott Pendleton, Love Me

  13. Okay just figuring all this fun stuff out in snippet times of having internet. First I think the second set or the third.

    The very first book I picked up of hers was "The light of the lover's moon" and have been hooked ever since!

  14. First book, The Time of Aspen Springs -- still love it.

    I recognized the lines above but couldn't place them correctly. A sign I need to reread Marcia's books!!! Oh happy day!!


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