Monday, August 31, 2020

Rating System

I have tried to include content advisories for all my reviews and thought I'd provide a little guideline that I try and follow. I really appreciate it when other reviewers do this and maybe one day there will be a universal rating used for books. Until then... 

Sensuality Rating Scale
Squeaky Clean(G) No sex, chaste kissing if any
Clean (PG) No sex or behind closed doors
Pretty Clean (PG-PG13) No sex or "fade to black," mild innuendo, more descriptive kissing
Sketchy Clean (PG13) Implied intimacy, more descriptive fade to black, innuendo or crude
Not Clean (R) Open door sex scenes, descriptive innuendo or crude content

Violence Rating 
Mild- non-descriptive 
Moderate: more detailed
Heavy: graphic or detailed violence 

Language Content
Mild: less than ten, more mild words
Moderate: more than ten swearwords
Heavey: lots of swearing or more offensive words 

Religious Content
Mild: very subtle religious elements, no preaching
Moderate: more of a focus on religious themes
Heavy: main theme is religion or lots of praying, etc. 

Other Content
If there is drinking or other type content then I will usually list it in the review

I also have shelves on Goodreads marked Green, Yellow or Red based on content. Green would be more of the G-PG type books, Yellow is more of the PG13+ type books and Red are the not clean read, rated R type stories. Sadly, I didnt start doing this when I first started reviewing, but I do try and keep it updated as I finish a book now. 

For anyone looking for more clean readers/reviewers to follow come check out our Happily Ever After Book Club on Goodreads. 

Happy Reading!

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