Sunday, November 6, 2011

Marcia Lynn McClure

It was probably about two years ago that my friend Chantele wrote a review for The Prairie Prince by Marcia Lynn McClure on her book review blog. Chantele and I have pretty similar tastes in books and I thought if she liked it I probably would to. For some reason I ended up reading Weathered Too Young first. I really enjoyed it at the time and started to read whatever books of hers I could get my hands on. Eventually, I just broke down and bought them all. I bought the e-versions for my Kindle and I’m thinking of talking my husband into getting me the paperbacks for Christmas.

One of the things I really like about her books is that she doesn’t stick to just one genre. She writes westerns, contemporary, regency-ish and even a pirate adventure. What is consistent throughout is how good they all are. You really get sucked into the story and setting and wish there was some cowboy or pirate to whisk you away.

Marcia can sure write a kiss! All of her books are very clean; the leading characters all have high morals. In fact, that is one of the reasons why I like her books so much. She’s not afraid to write a guy who actually stands for something. I love that her male leads all have respect for the women they love and respect for marriage and intimacy. It’s really refreshing. And, she shows that just because they have high morals doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice the passion and enjoyment of a good kiss. It proves how wonderful just kissing can be. I love that her stories all have a “happily ever after” and you always walk away feeling good.

But, I think the reason why I find her books so addicting is because I can tell she loves to write. She loves her characters and loves to tell their story. I think a lot of her books were written for friends and maybe because of that she really puts her heart into the stories. She puts personal experiences into her stories, which really helps bring the book to life. You can also tell that she loves love (oh, and autumn and pumpkins) and romance. She really captures those first moments in a relationship when you are consumed with those new giddy feelings and can’t stop thinking about that special someone.

In one of Marcia’s author notes in referring to her book, she states “I hope it entertained you, made you laugh – that your day was just a little less stress-filled because of it.” That is exactly why I love Marcia’s books, they brighten my day. To say that I am stressed is a bit of an understatement. Taking care of three little ones (a 17 mo-old, and twin 9 mo-olds) on my own away from family and friends in Japan, while getting ready to move the family back to Utah while my husband is deployed for a year in military service, stress has become my middle name. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and husband more than anything. But, reading is a nice escape. Marcia’s books are especially great because they are so positive and filled with love and I’d rather read happy books so when I’m with my kids and husband I’m happy.

Marcia has written almost 40 books. I recently finished reading all of her published books. I love them so much that as soon as I finished I started re-reading them, at least until her new books come out. I know she has two planned for early next year (Untethered and Midnight Masquerade). As I’ve started re-reading them I’ve realized they are even better the second time around. Anyway, below are my top five favorite Marcia books. It’s so hard to narrow it down.

1. The Light of the Lover’s Moon
2. The Pirate Ruse
3. Love Me
4. Daydreams
5. The Highwayman of Tanglewood

I highly recommend reading Marcia McClure books. They are entertaining, clean and addicting. Once you read one you’ll want to read them all.

Thanks Marcia for writing such great stories. I can’t wait to read more of your books, so keep it up!

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