Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Marcia McClure Swoon Fest 2014

I'm a huge fan of Marcia's and like to re-read her books every year, especially in the fall. I thought it'd be fun to invite all my MLM fan friends to join me. During the month of October I'll be reading Marcia's books and posting reviews. I'll also be posting fun quotes, trivia, character casting and an author interview. I'll also be hosting a giveaway each Wednesday of one of Marcia's books, of your choosing. Below is the Rafflecopter you can use to input your points (it's my first time using it, so I hope it goes smoothly).

Mondays with Marcia: Marcia answers your questions.   
Trivia Tuesdays: Book quotes, trivia, poll questions and other fun stuff.
Wednesday Winners: Winners will be announced
Thursday Casting:  Character Casting reveals (about 10 couple reveals per week)
Friday Fall Yummies: Kathy Jo from KJ Book Nook will be sharing fall recipes.

I'll also be posting my reviews and if y'all send me links to your reviews I'll post everyone's daily reviews as well. I think that'll be a fun way to also discuss each book as we read them. I usually like to read by genre, so I'll probably start with her historical fiction books, then move on to her westerns and wrap up with her contemporaries. Feel free to join me, or you can do your own thing. :) I'm excited, can't wait to get my swoon on!

Update: I just saw on Marcia's newsletter: "To make the October Swoon Fest hosted by Kathy at Bookworm Nation even easier to participate in, we're leaving the fall e-book sale open! Just enter FALL14 to receive60% off on almost all e-books at www.marcialynnmcclure.com! Savor autumn with your Marcia favorites!"
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dreamspell by Tamara Leigh

A TIME TO LIVE. A TIME TO DIE. A TIME TO DREAM. Sleep disorders specialist Kennedy Plain has been diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor. When her research subject dies after trying to convince her he has achieved dream-induced time travel and her study is shelved, she enlists herself as a subject to complete her research. But when she dreams herself into 14th-century England and falls into the hands of Fulke Wynland, a man history has condemned as a murderer, she must not only stay alive long enough to find a way to return to her own time, but prevent Fulke from murdering his young nephews. And yet, the more time she spends with the medieval warrior, the more difficult it is to believe he is capable of committing the heinous crime for which he has been reviled for 600 years. Baron Fulke Wynland has been granted guardianship of his brother’s heirs despite suspicions that he seeks to steal their inheritance. When the king sends a mysterious woman to care for the boys, Fulke is surprised by the lady's hostility toward him--and more surprised to learn she is to be his wife. But when his nephews are abducted, the two must overcome their mutual dislike to discover the boys' fate. What Fulke never expects is to feel for this woman whose peculiar speech, behavior, and talk of dream travel could see her burned as a witch
I love the new cover for this one. I grabbed a copy of this a couple years ago when it was on sale, I started it but for some reason didn't connect with it and put it aside to try another time. Now that I have read Ms. Leigh's other medieval stories I had to give this a try again and I am so glad I did. I enjoyed it so much more this time around.

Kennedy Plain is a doctor who studies dreams and sleep patterns. One of her patients comes to her and tells her he is able to travel back through time in his dreams. The time-travel aspect I had a hard time wrapping my mind around. In this case, they were able to travel through time after they had deprived themselves of sleep for so long and then I guess went into an extremely deep sleep, awakening in the past. Not only did they travel back in time, but they physically went from our present Las Angeles to Medieval England. I can suspend belief enough to accept time travel, but I usually like it if the traveler comes and goes from the same location (i.e. leaves LA our time and arrives in LA in the past). Not sure why it matters to me, but it makes it easier for me to buy into I guess.

Anyway, I ended up really enjoying this one. I liked Kennedy's story and how the past and present worked into the story. I loved the ending. Kennedy arrives in the past and takes on the identity of Lady Lark, it takes her a long time to realize she wasn't just dreaming. She is rescued by Baron Fulke Wynland, who she thinks is a bad guy from things she read in our present time. I thought Fulke and Lark/Nedy had a fun relationship. I liked how it progressed from "enemies" to friends to true love. There is a mystery going on, took me a little while to figure out who the "bad guy" was. 

I had a hard time putting this one down and stayed up way too late to finish it. I had to keep reading to find out what would happen next. As usual, Ms. Leigh was able to weave in the historical details without making it feel like a history lesson. I do wonder about some of their practices though (view spoiler) A fun read and one I would recommend.

Romance: Clean, mild innuendo
Violence: Mild-Moderate
Religious: None-mild, nothing preachy just true to the time period

Source: Kindle Freebie, 11/2012

Monday, September 22, 2014

Only TEN days until Swoon Fest Begins

Only a few more days until Swoon Fest begins. I'm a big fan of Marcia McClure and once I read one of her books I usually want to read all of them. I had planned on doing a read-a-thon by myself, but thought inviting everyone else to do it with me would be more fun. Who want's to join me?
In a few short days Swoon Fest will officially begin! Who's as excited as I am?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Vow by D.D. Chant

Dear Reader, My next story begins with Velrek, where Lord Rafe and Lady Adele's arrival was cause for much celebration and rejoicing. However Finan of Gournay, Rafe's foster brother and the captain of Valreks army, could not help a lingering feeling of worry. Were Rafe and Adele truly safe from Lord Kyule's hate? Adding to Finan's problems was the unsettling presence of Rafe's sister, Lady Esme. Used to keeping his distance from the woman of Valrek, Finan found that he could no longer escape as before. As danger and treachery enveloped Valrek, Finan and Esme found themselves drawn together to fight the shadowy assailant that threatened the lives of those they loved. What secrets would they unearth in their search for the enemy that taunted them? Would they find that their stories were more closely linked than either of them ever knew? Allow me please to answer these questions... Lady Quill
This was another fun medieval read and I was happy to be reunited with all the characters I came to love in The Promise. This picks up right where the first one leaves off, I’d recommend reading them together. It’d been a couple years since I read the first book and I was glad I re-read it before starting this one. I’m sure you don’t have to do that to get in to the story, but for me I was glad I did. If you enjoyed the first book, you'll love this one too!

Finan was wounded in the last book and is still recovering from those wounds when there is another attack on Rafe’s life, sustaining even more wounds. He hates been fussed over, especially by a women and is horrified when Rafe’s sister Esme is the one assigned to take care of him. He was pretty rough with her throughout the book, she really had a lot thicker skin than I would have had. Or maybe, I am just way too stubborn and would have left him to his own devices until he treated me better. I was glad she stuck around though and help tear down his defenses. It was fun to watch their relationship develop.

So, I'm a little new at this character casting thing, but I think its a lot of fun with certain books. Here is who I chose for Finan and Esme (I'm still working on the other characters)....
The story is told from a few different POV, so we get to reunite with all our favorite characters and it helps the story progress. I think my favorites this time around were Leofrick (who is charming and adds a fun comedic element, but has more going on than what he lets people see) and Daegmund (who is a big jerk, but a confident one that I couldn’t help but like).

Overall, a fun read and a fun series. Can’t wait to read about more of these characters!

Romance: Clean
Language: Mild
Violence: Mild

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

All's Fair in Love and Weddings by Christine Feldman

Prudence Collier spent the better part of her reckless youth proving that she was not aptly named, and unfortunately she burned a few bridges in the process, including where her family is concerned. So when her long-estranged sister invites her to her destination wedding in the Virgin Islands, Prue leaps at the chance to mend at least one broken family relationship and prove that she’s a changed person. Tucker Davies, on the other hand, has come to the islands for a very different reason: to stop the wedding. As a childhood friend of the groom, he has reason to believe that his friend is about to make a huge mistake and is intent on not letting that happen. One thing he didn’t count on, though, was going up against Prue. Determined to make up for the past, Prue resolves to keep Tucker from interfering with her sister’s happiness in the present and is willing to go to any lengths necessary to do so. Any. And if that requires a few tiny deceptions here and there, the occasional brush with the local authorities, and perhaps even instigating a barroom brawl, so be it. A sister has to do what a sister has to do. But so does a friend, and Tucker has no intention of backing down, no matter how aggravating or even—to his surprise—appealing Prudence Collier can be. The war is on, and neither side believes they can afford to surrender. Which is a shame, because they’re both beginning to suspect surrendering would be a lot of fun…
This was such a fun read, I really enjoyed it. I picked it up last night and couldn't put it down. Prue is on her way to her sisters wedding, who she hasn't seen in a few years. She is determined to make things right between them and won't let anything get in her way. Including handsome Tucker, the guy planning on stopping the wedding. Tucker was a great guy, I mean seriously what guy would be so easy going about all the things Prue put him through. She was hilarious and I admired her determination. They have some great moments together and I found myself laughing at the different messes they got into.

If you're looking for a cute, lighthearted, romantic getaway then grab this book! It was a lot of fun!

Romance: Clean
Language: Mild

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Update: Confirmed Additional Plagarism Found

Just when you thought Tiffanie Rushton couldn't stoop any lower a new development comes to light. It has been confirmed that Ms. Rushton plagiarized the prologue of her first book Hasty Resolution from the account of a wounded combat veteran. I have a deep love and respect for the men and women who serve in our military. To steal his extremely personal account and use in her "smutty" novel is both unethical and extremely immoral.

Ms. Rushton has proven she is unable to make good choices, she shows no remorse for what she’s done. Even after been caught and served in the case against Rachel Nunes, she still planned on republishing Hasty Resolutions, claiming it was 100% her own, when we now know it was just another plagiarized story. This shows to me that once things are settled with Rachel she will continue with her criminal behavior. She is continually showing a lack of conscience.

Image taken day Tiffanie Rushton was served in the Nunes vs Rushton case. Provided by www.johndopp.com
Another example is from an interview she did with a blogger. When asked where she comes up with her ideas she said “real-life experiences” which would imply she meant her own real-life experiences, the reality is she steals her ideas from other people. She likes to take the easy way, instead of writing her own story she steals from others. Instead of getting honest reviews, she creates multiple sock-puppets and gives herself five star ratings. Instead of admitting what she did was wrong she attacks her accuser.
Q: Where do you get your book plot ideas from? What/Who is your inspiration? A: Real-life experiences. — Interview with Tiffanie Rushton, writing as Sam Taylor Mullens
I am glad Rachel is taking a stand and fighting against this blatant criminal. I hope that the war veteran Chase Weston will also seek legal action. Let me be clear, this should be handled in a legal way and as much as I dislike what Rushton has done, I would not want anyone to stoop to her level of bullying.

If you want to show your support for Rachel and Chase and to protect every other author out there, you can do so by doing one of the following:

*Share Rachel’s story.

*Donate to and share Rachel’s fundraiser.

*Purchase the Unseen: United! speculative fiction box set or one of the other anthologies that will soon be published.

Tiffanie Rushton currently teaches third grade. As a mother for four young kids I would not want her teaching my children. She has proven to be a thief, bully, dishonest and shows intent to continue her criminal behavior. I sincerely hope her school and district conduct an investigation into this matter.

John has written an excellent article about this newest development. It includes excerpts from both Hasty Resolutions and Chase’s personal story.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Unseen: United!

One thing I've learned over the past few weeks of working with Rachel Nunes, is that plagiarism is rampant. I've been surprised to hear stories of authors that have had similar experiences. It's sad to hear that for most of these authors nothing can be done. The stolen work may be taken down (but, in a lot of cases the plagiarizer will just wait awhile and then put it up again) but nothing happens to the perpetrator. Court cases are just too expensive. That is why I am so glad Rachel is taking a stand. I'm glad she is not only fighting for her rights, but it also makes a statement to all plagarizers that this type crime is serious and that these criminals should be held accountable.

Like I mentioned, these types of cases can end up costing a lot of money. To show your support of Rachel you can donate directly to her fundraiser Stand Against Plagiarism, or you can for a limited time get this awesome anthology. Authors have come together to show their support for Rachel and help raise funds for the court costs. This is the first in the series. You can also help Rachel by spreading the word, tell your friends and share on your blogs and social media sites. Thanks!

Editorial Note: These stories have been donated by the authors for this box set to help Author Rachel Ann Nunes, who in July 2014 had one of her copyrighted novels plagiarized and is now protecting those rights in a court battle. Her battle is not hers alone, and we are standing behind her with our work. Please help us send the message that plagiarizing is not okay. All proceeds will be donated toward legal costs.

TIMES NINES by Teyla Branton
Science fiction
Maddy knows she can’t give her scientist husband the one thing he really wants—an heir with his genes and genius. Or can she? Nonomine offers them the chance they’ve both been waiting for, even if it means living at nine times the rate of normal human life. But when things start to go wrong, the price they must pay is more than either of them ever dreamed.

THE FOCUS by Andrea Pearson
Contemporary fantasy
When Nicole, a talented cellist, goes to Ohio to sharpen her skills with wind magic, she has no idea her studies are about to collide with terrifying creatures and people from another dimension. Based off one of HP Lovecraft’s popular stories.

APHRODITE by Stephanie Fowers
Romantic Fantasy
Nothing is simple for Aphrodite’s daughter, especially love. Scorned by society in regency England, Affry longs for romance. Upon encountering a dashing nobleman at her aunty’s Christmas ball, Affry gets caught in a lovely intrigue with disastrous results. Worse, she wins the interest of the gods. Now the furies of the underworld and Hades himself are after her. When all is fair in war, Affry must use love as her weapon—but only for the one who’s stolen her heart.

ONLY LOGICAL by Frank Morin
Fantasy Adventure
When the usurper of the throne of Doruk and his council of Logicals prepare to sell the old king's chief counselor into slavery, Ari and the band of freedom fighters known as the Purple Unicorns face their most difficult challenge ever. Freeing the prisoner would win a great victory over the pretender to the crown, but the Logicals will likely be planning a trap to destroy the hated unicorns once and for all. In this humorous fantasy adventure, Ari will need all his skills as both a baker and a fighter to win the day.

A DEADLY GLIMPSE by Debra Erfert
Contemporary Fantasy
Lucy James’s reentry into the U.S. doesn’t go as planned after her secret mission in Mexico, leaving her stranded with a dozen Mexican nationals near the border in Arizona. Brutal murders change her orders into a race of time as Lucy and two border agents fight to save an innocent woman and her children. Only Lucy’s strange ability can alter their certain fate—if she can convince her new companions to trust her.

TO SLEEP NO MORE by Kathleen Marks
Historical Romantic Fantasy
She's heartbroken. He's the man who loves her . . . Preternaturalist Alexandra (Alex) Dalton and her glowing cat are hunting for the person who kidnapped and murdered Alex’s three-year-old daughter when her uncle’s deathbed request sends her across the country to solve two Night Hag murders. The worst part? She must join forces with her estranged husband, the handsome treasure hunter, Richard Dalton.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Busted! Sam Taylor Mullens has been positively identified!

I posted about this awhile ago and wanted to update everyone on the recent developments in this plagiarism case. But first, I just wanted to say that I love books, reading and have come to know and respect a lot of authors. With today’s technology and social media it is easy to get to know your favorite authors. Even ten years ago I would only really know an author based on what was written on the book jacket. But now, I can really get to know them through their blogs, websites and social media. Authors are real people; they have their own lives going on and luckily are able to share their passion for writing with readers like me. Before August 10, I did not know Rachel Nunes at all. I had read a few of her books; I have found memories of my dear friend recommending one of her books back in high school. I loved it. So, I was shocked and upset when I heard that one of her books (one I actually had waiting on my Kindle) had been plagiarized. Not only had another author, Sam Taylor Mullens, stolen Rachel’s characters and story, but she had added sex scenes into a clean, Christian novel. When Rachel reached out to Mullens, she was not only rebuffed and Mullens refused to work with her, but then Mullens began an online attack of Rachel and her books.

When this all started unfolding and as I’ve watched it progress I have been so impressed with how Rachel has handled everything. She has chosen to take the high road; she has shown kindness and compassion and has a strong desire to make sure this does not happen to anyone else. I have been blessed to get to know Rachel better over the past few weeks and can honestly say she is a good person. She has been very careful about how this case is handled and wanted to make sure that even the perpetrator of this horrible crime was treated fairly.

I am happy to report that Mullens has been positively identified as Tiffanie Rushton, a Utah school teacher and while I am upset with what she has done and how she has acted over the past few weeks, I think it’s important to stress that this case is in the hands of very capable lawyers and that is where it should be. Even though Tiffanie has done some bad things, I would not want people to bully her or her family. Tiffanie hid behind at least seventeen fake profiles, she recently created a new author pen-name (Lucy Evans) and it’s very likely she would plagiarize again. It is important that her criminal activity is brought to light and that people know her name so they can protect themselves and their work. The fact is, Tiffanie will see justice without being bullied, Tiffanie has received a summons to appear in Federal court on complaints of copyright infringement, defamation, casting Rachel Ann Nunes in a false light, injurious falsehood, harassment, false advertising and deceptive trade practices. If the suit is successful, she faces statutory damages of $150,000, plus damages for each sale of the infringing work, damages to compensate for the other allegations in the complaint, and attorney's fees.

Like I mentioned before, Tiffanie has created a new pen-name of Lucy Evans, she is currently soliciting ARCs under her false names and if you have provided her ARCs you may be at risk. Known aliases to be leary of:

* Sam Taylor Mullens
* Lucy Evans
*Other aliases removed

UPDATE: New information has come to light. Apparently, Tiffanie Rushton used the names of her elementary students as her many many aliases. At least thirteen students names were used to review and promote erotic novels. I have removed their names from my blog. If I were one of their parents I would be furious. I am hoping the school and district will take action and hold Ms. Rushton accountable for this horrible misconduct and violation of trust.

Tiffanie has shown her true colors in the way she has handled herself over the past few weeks and even before then. She has used lies, deception and tried to bully Rachel and her supports in an attempt to cover her own tracks. She has shown no remorse and continually places blame on anyone but herself. Tiffanie created multiple identities to promote her own books, she’d give her books high ratings and raving reviews, all while leaving low rating and negative reviews for Rachel’s book.

Here is Rachel’s newest update on everything:

Also, a fellow blogger has written an excellent run down on everything, very informative. Visit his blog here: The John Doppler Affect

Please share this story on your own blogs, help spread the word and hopefully prevent other authors from falling victim to plagiarism. You can also show your support by donating to Rachel’s GoFundMe fundraiser, she will also be releasing a series of anthologies where fellow authors have come together to show their support. More information to follow.
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