Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Marrying Christopher by Michele Paige Holmes

Marrying Christopher (A Hearthfire Romance)Marrying Christopher by Michele Paige Holmes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve been looking forward to reading this one for awhile now. I really enjoyed the first two books, and loved the character of Christopher and was looking forward to his story. If you’re not aware, this series follows a family of two sisters and their brother. They’re best if read in order, in my opinion, although they can stand well on their own as well.

Christopher was a very likable character, I love how loyal and protective he is of his sisters. I love stories with strong sibling relationships. As much as he loves his sisters, he wants to make a life for his own, in America. The other books were set in England and thought Christophers journey was a nice change of pace. On his journey to America he meets Marsali. Marsali has had a rough life, something Christopher can relate to with his own untraditional upbringing.

Overall, this was an emotional read and it was great to be along for the ride as Christopher follows his dreams and gets his happily ever after. If you enjoy Regency or Historical Fiction, I highly recommend this series.

Romance: Clean
Language: None
Violence: Mild
Religious: None

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