Thursday, November 23, 2017

How to Kiss a Billionaire by Cami Checketts

How to Kiss a Billionaire (Billionaire Beach Romance)How to Kiss a Billionaire by Cami Checketts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This was a fun contemporary romance with a touch of suspense. Miriam goes into hiding when her ex boyfriend Greg starts stalking her. Her father is worried about her and asks her old high school friend, Clay Browning, to watch over her until they can catch her ex. Miriam always had a crush on Clay, but he's a ladies man and she wants to be with someone she can trust. Clay always had a crush on Miriam, but she chose Greg over him and he never got over that. Now they're thrown together and the chemistry is off the charts! They try and fight their feelings, but when they're forced to spend so much time with each other and realize how much they enjoy each others company they can't help me explore their feelings.

I enjoyed this one, kept me engaged, I liked the characters and their swoony chemistry. Just a touch of suspense, more focus on H/h relationship. Very little Christmas elements, but it does take place during December and Christmas is mentioned in passing a couple times. Overall, a good read, well written and fun story.

Romance: Clean, kissing. Talk of waiting for marriage and past relationships
Language: None
Violence: Mild, nothing graphic
Religious: None
Series: Standalone, part of Billionaire Beach Romance series

Source: Kindle Unlimited

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Honeymoon for One in Christmas Falls by Jennifer Peel

Honeymoon for One in Christmas Falls (Return to Christmas Falls #2)Honeymoon for One in Christmas Falls by Jennifer Peel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really loved the setting for this one, I’m a sucker for small-town charm and you throw in all the Christmas charm and I’m hooked! Piper is a single mom, working hard to provide a good life for her adorable son Finn. She stays away from men and is focusing on her career. Especially guys like Jace Peterson, rich, arrogant and made a terrible first impression. Jace has his work cut out for him if he ever wants Piper to see his true character.

This was a fun read, I enjoyed the characters and setting. I look forward to reading the other books in this fun series.

Content: Clean, just kissing. No language or violence.

Source: Kindle Unlimited

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Hot Cocoa Wars by Christene Houston

Hot Cocoa Wars: A Christmas RomanceHot Cocoa Wars: A Christmas Romance by Christene Houston
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Isn't that cover so cute!?!

I've really enjoyed the previous books I've read by this author, especially Cookie Girl Christmas! So, I was super excited when I saw she had a new Christmas book coming out right in time for our Christmas Swoon Fest! And the synopsis sounded like a lot of fun too!

I thought this had a fun setting, a little coastal town in California. I liked how the author worked in some Christmas cheer to really give that holiday vibe. I loved the idea of different flavored hot chocolate and was SO bummed that I didn't have any at home to drink while I read! (Advice: have some hot cocoa handy when you read this book!) The plot was cute, Lane is visiting over her Christmas break and wants to help her Aunt with her cocoa shop and help beat the competition a few doors down. I did expect there to be a little more feuding honestly, but the romance kind of pushes that to the background. Logan doesn't make the best first impression, but he's determined to win Lane over. I thought they had a sweet relationship, both very likable and nice people.

Overall, this was a cute and fun holiday read.

Romance: Clean
Language: None
Violence: None
Religious: None- talk of doing service and meaning of Christmas, nothing preachy
Series: Standalone

Source: Kindle Unlimited

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Whispering Wednesday

We are so excited for our first annual 
Have Yourself a Very Swoony Christmas event,

We're so excited about Whispering Wednesday!
Each Wednesday, we will be having a different author
answering some of our burning questions.

First up, we have one of our favorite steamy clean authors,
Kimberly Krey!

Let's get to know her a little bit better:

1. What gives you inspiration for your characters and story lines? 

I have the habit of paying attention to people and what sets them apart. I get inspired by so many thingsDriving by a quaint little business and imagining how it started and when. An adorable house – just the sight of one usually inspires me. I want to write about the person who lives there and takes such good care of the herb garden stacked in the windows, or the well-trimmed hedges out front. But every so often, the ideas seem to uncover seeds that have been planted someplace – maybe in my heart or mind, maybe just out in the universe—whatever it is, I feel inspired to the point that I have to pursue the character who’s come to me, and discover the story I’m meant to share. It’s a truly humbling and fascinating process, and I love it! 

2. Which are your top five favorite kissing scenes from your books?

From my books? Ah! I could list a few from Marcia Lynn McClure on the spot, but my own?
Let’s see… How about the PANTRY KISS from Cassie’s Cowboy Crave. I like when Shane takes Cassie into the pantry to get some privacy after being challenged by his nephew to kiss like the other couples do. So that’s one. I’ll call the next one the MUD PIT KISS from Reese’s Cowboy KissWhen Reese and Blake are drawing mud pictures on one another’s back and then guessing what the other has drawn. One declares their love this way, and a steamy kiss follows. Next would be the CARPENTER KISS from Rough EdgesBraden, our carpenter, has a nightmare where Allie reunites with her ex-husband. After a near all-night ride out on the land, Braden is sleep-deprived, frightened of losing her, and desperate to make Allie his. So when she walks into the wood shop that morning, Braden takes her into a quiet nook intending to do just that. Of course he comes to his senses, but not before a very steamy kiss is exchanged. And then we have the SLEEPING KISS from Ranch Hand for Auction. Meg is into Jakeshe can’t deny it. And after a whole lot of flirting and making eyes and getting to know one another, the two order takeout and watch movies one night. Yet as the credits run, Meg realizes that Jake has dozed off. And as she catches sight of Jake’s flawless face and inviting lips, Meg can’t stop herself from giving them one small kiss. And then another. And soon Jake is kissing her back. Last I’ll say the MISTLETOE KISS from Getting Micah Under the Mistletoe. The lovely Quinn has been in love with her guy friend, Micah, for a long time. And when the opportunity to kiss him beneath the mistletoe comes, the kiss is more than she ever dreamt of, causing her hopes for a relationship to soar. 

3. What has been your favorite book to write?

I think it’s a tie between Fresh Starts and Sheriff’s Bride. Hiding out on a gorgeous apple orchard with a buff, gorgeous-in-an-entirely-different-way bodyguard? That was such a fun scenario! Of course the stalker added an interesting aspect as well. And with the Sheriff’s Bride, I loved discovering the charming town of Cobble Creek, and all of the possibilities there. Plus Trent is one of my favorite, most admirable characters, and discovering his story was interesting and inspiring. 

4. Which of your heroes and heroines would you most like to meet in person?

I think maybe Jade and Gavin. I like how flawed they are, and how open they are about their flaws. There’s something refreshing about them.

5. What three words would you use to describe your books? 

I hope they are heart-warminghope-lendingromantic.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Christmas Boyfriend by Taylor Hart

The Christmas Boyfriend (Return to Snow Valley Romance)The Christmas Boyfriend by Taylor Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was super cute!

I always love books that take place in the charming town of Snow Valley. I fell in love with it when they released their first anthology (Snow Valley) and always look forward to when the different authors have stories that take place there. Such a charming, picturesque town!

I really felt for Lacey, I can totally understand her wanting to save face in front of her ex-boyfriend. And I felt bad that she was feeling so much pressure from her family that she felt she had to make up a boyfriend so they’d all stop worrying about her. So the whole Fake Boyfriend thing is a favorite trope for me, and I liked how it was handled in this one. Dom was a great guy, charming and caring and didn’t let Lacey get by with much. I liked that he saw the real Lacey and helped her be her real self. I thought they had good chemistry and I liked that it all didn’t play out how I was expecting.

Overall, a charming read with a fun Christmassy setting!

Content: Clean, just kissing. No violence or bad language.

Source: Kindle Unlimited

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Tradition Tuesday!

We are so excited for our first annual 
Have Yourself a Very Swoony Christmas event,

Traditions are what really make the holidays memorable!
Each Tuesday we will be posting about some of our
favorite Christmas traditions.

Katie will be posting about one of her family's
favorite traditions for Week 1.


I don't watch a lot of TV because I'd rather be reading, but one of my
favorite Christmas traditions is watching Christmas movies and TV shows.
Every few days, we sit down as a family, grab some popcorn and treats,
and watch some of our favorite shows by the twinkling lights of the tree.

Our Top Ten family favorites are:

The Polar Express
White Christmas
A Christmas Carol
A Charlie Brown Christmas
It's a Wonderful Life
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Home Alone
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Frosty the Snowman

Of course, I also LOVE many Hallmark Christmas movies as well,
but my husband and kids aren't really into those. 😊


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Monday, November 20, 2017

The Lumberjack's Yuletide Bride by Kimberly Krey

The Lumberjack's Yuletide Bride: Country Brides & Cowboy Boots (A Cobble Creek Romance)The Lumberjack's Yuletide Bride: Country Brides & Cowboy Boots by Kimberly Krey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a charming read, sweet romance and fun small-town setting.

Maddie is beside herself when she learns her old high school crush is moving back to town. She’s hoping she will get an opportunity to meet up with the hunky, successful Bear Schaefer! Their first meeting doesn’t go quite as she has planned, but their chemistry is still off the charts!

Maddie was fun a character, a fun-loving first grade teacher. My three oldest kids are all in first grade, and I bet they’d love to have her as their teacher! I loved Bear, very confident, goes after what he wants, is sweet and considerate. He does make a couple mistakes that may cost him his relationship with Maddie. I thought Bear and Maddie had great chemistry, believable romance and was developed at a realistic pace.

Overall, this was a fun contemporary romance. I thought it was well written, kept me glued from the first page! I thought Bear’s career was unique and added a fun element to the story. Fun read!

Romance: Clean, just kissing
Language: None
Violence: None
Religious: None
Series: Part of Cobble Creek series, stands on its own

Source: Kindle Unlimited

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Sweet Morsels Mondays!

We are so excited for our first annual 
Have Yourself a Very Swoony Christmas event,

Welcome to Sweet Morsels Monday!
Mondays can be rough, but nothing can make it better than something sweet.
Each Monday, we'll be sharing a Christmas treat recipe.
Aren't Christmas treats the best?!

For the first week,
Katie will be sharing one of her family's favorites.

**I'm not sure where I got this recipe, but it was about 10-15 years ago.
Not only do we love to eat it, but we love to deliver it to neighbors as well.**


Christmas Chex Mix

9 cups rice Chex cereal
9 cups corn Chex cereal
2 cups packed brown sugar
1 cup butter
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
2 cups Christmas colored M&M's

Heat oven to 250 degrees F. Spray roasting pan with cooking spray. Put cereals in pan. In medium saucepan, mix brown sugar, karo syrup, and butter. Cook and stir for 8-9 minutes over medium-high heat until mixture boils. Boil for 1 minute, constantly stirring. Remove from heat and stir in baking soda. Pour over cereal and gentle mix until coated. Bake 40-50 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes. Let cool for 5 minutes and then stir in M&M's. Spread mixture onto waxed paper and let cool for 10 minutes. Break into pieces and store in an airtight container.

*Makes 18 cups


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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Have Yourself a Very Swoony Christmas - Reading List

Have Yourself a Very Swoony Christmas 2017
and Bookworm Nation, starts in just a few more days!

If you didn't know already, I love making lists! Below are the books I really hope to get through during the challenge. Here's a link to others I would like to read as well if I have the time. 

Contemporary Romance
1.    Hot Cocoa Christmas by Christene Houston
2.    The Christmas Boyfriend by Taylor Hart
3.    Honeymoon for One in Christmas Falls by Jennifer Peel
4.    Operation: Married by Christmas by Debra Clopton
5.    One Enchanted Christmas by Melissa Tagg
6.    The Chef, the Holiadys & the Husband by Erica Penrod
7.    The Lumberjack’s Yuletide Bride by Kimberly Krey
8.    A Princess by Christmas by Jennifer Faye
9.    Chimney Sweep Charm by Marcia McClure
10.  Oh Come On Be Faithful by Cami Checketts

Historical Romance
1.    Christmas Secrets by Donna Hatch
2.    The Spinster’s Christmas
3.    12 Days at Bleakly Manor by Michelle Griep
4.    Christmas Belles by Susan Carroll
5.    A Gerrard Family Christmas by Rebecca Connolly
6.    The Christmas Charm by Lynn Collum
7.    Lady Crenshaw’s Christmas by Heidi Ashworth
8.    Silver Bells Collection – Anthology
9.    A Christmas Seduction – Anthology
10.   Object of His Affection by Marcia McClure

What's on your Christmas reading list?

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The 411 On Our Have Yourself a Very Swoony Christmas!

Hey party people! Since we have finalized what we'll be doing for our Have Yourself a Very Swoony Christmas we thought we would share the details with you! It is going to be SO much fun! We cannot WAIT for it to start!

So... without further adieu... here's all the fun stuff we have in store for you!

Sweet Morsels Monday - What are holidays without yummy treats?! This is a post sharing the recipes to some of our favorite treats we love to make during the holidays!

Tradition Tuesday - No holiday would be complete without traditions! We all have them! This is a post sharing some of ours with you!

Whispering Wednesday - Are you like us and love getting to know your favorite authors? Without amazing authors writing books we wouldn't even have a Swoon Fest! This post is a Q&A with 4 of our favorite authors!

Happily Ever After Thursday - We are all suckers for a Happily Ever After! When we shared our lists with each other we discovered that we all wanted to read the same books written by the authors for Wednesday's post. We thought it would be perfect to interview the characters from each of these books! We just HAVE to know how their HEA is going!

Festivity Friday - You cannot have a Swoon Fest without winners! Each Friday we will be announcing the winners for the week. We will also be posting the links to the various reviews that come in.

For the prizes that will be mailed out, it will be open to US Residents only. 

There will be several ways for you to win! *Post a review for any Swoony Christmas book on Amazon or Goodreads, post a review of any of the books we highlight on Thursdays, leave a comment on any of our blog posts, share the giveaway on social media, follow each of us and the authors we highlight on Wednesdays.

*For the reviews, they will need to be at least 100 words and MUST be read during Swoon Fest.

And there you have it folks! All the 411 for our very first Christmas Swoon Fest! We hope everyone is as excited about it as we are! Make your lists... check them twice... and HAVE YOURSELF A VERY SWOONY CHRISTMAS! It all starts on Sunday!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Who's Ready for Another Swoon Fest?!?!

It 'twas the month before Christmas and all through the net not a reader was stirring not even a bit. 

The books were all placed on the shelves with care, in hopes that the bookworms would soon have time to spare. 

The readers were nestled all snug in their chairs while visions of reading time danced in the air.

When what to their wondering eyes should appear a notification from their bloggers so dear. 

With excitement and squeals and dreamy sighs, they just couldn't believe their eyes! 

Swoony reads, treats and prizes galore, we hope this is something y'all will adore! 

A Christmas Swoon Fest is just what you need, and these three bloggers hope you'll agree! 

So come on over and join in the fun, our Christmas Swoon Fest has almost begun!


We are extremely excited to announce our very first Christmas Swoon Fest! 

Who's invited?

Why YOU... and YOU... and YOU... and YES! Even the little old lady down the street dancing around in her bathrobe! ;)

What are we doing?


Where can you find this FANTABULOUS event?

On our blogs of course!

KJ's Blog: KJ's Book Nook
Kathy's Blog: Bookworm Nation
Katie's Blog: Katie's Clean Book Collection

When are we doing it?

It starts on November 19th and goes through December 16th.

Why are we doing this?

Because we LOVE all things Christmas! And what better way to get into the holiday spirit then to read Swoony Christmas books!

So what do we have in store for you?

We are still working on finalizing everything. Stay tuned for more details! 

How many prizes are there and how do you win?

We will have one winner each week and then have one "Grand Prize" winner at the very end. We'll be using Rafflecopter to keep track of the entries. In order to win, you will need to participate in Swoon Fest. 

Reading and reviewing books during this time period is going to be the main way to enter. You're review will need to be at least 100 words. But there will be other ways to enter. Like I said before, we're still working to finalize everything. 


We hope that you'll join us! We always have a blast during Swoon Fest! 

Stay turned for my Have Yourself a Very Swoony Christmas reading list! I can't wait to start reading! 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

P.S. I Loathe You by Diane Darcy

P.S. I Loathe You (Regency Rendezvous Book 8)P.S. I Loathe You by Diane Darcy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I was quickly sucked into this one and couldn't put it down!

Elizabeth and Alexander suffer from an arranged betrothal. Since the day Elizabeth was born it was determined that they she would marry Alexander. One summer, as teens they have a falling out and Lizzie decides she wants out of the engagement. Over the years, they've stayed in contact via letters (I suspect started at the insistence of their parents), while Lizzie is set on ending the engagement, Alexander has fallen in love with Lizzie through her letters and plans on making her his wife. When they're finally reunited after ten years he's ready to take the next step, but Lizzie is not!

I really enjoyed the first half of the book quite a bit, and I did like the second half a lot as well. I consistently liked Alexander, but Lizzie I wanted to shake quite a few times. She really was a brat a few times and I think treated Alexander unfairly. I actually wanted to see her do some chasing. Alexander has the patience of a saint and he truly must have loved Lizzie to go through everything that he did. I did really enjoy the story and thought it was well written and entertaining. It is a standalone story, but part of the Regency Rendezvous series, which I plan on checking out. I did like Alexander's friend Drake and how eventually we'll get a book for him because I'd love to hear more of his story.

Overall, a fun and entertaining Regency. Fun plot, well developed characters and swoony romance!

Romance: Clean
Language: None
Violence: Very mild
Religious: None
Series: Standalone, part of Regency Rendezvous

Source: Amazon Kindle

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Falling for a Duke Anthology

Falling for a Duke (Timeless Regency Collection)Falling for a Duke by Rebecca Connolly
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just love these collections! Such a fun way to read lots of stories and try out new authors. I really enjoyed this set and would definitely read it again!

On the Duke's Errand
I always enjoy Ms. Connolly's stories and liked that this is part of her Arrangements series. I thought this was a cute story, I always love when our H/h get off on the wrong foot! Makes for some fun scenes and great tension. I loved the Scottish setting and likable characters.

This was my first Nichole Van book! I've had her on my to-try list for a long time now and after reading this story I'm wondering why I waited so long to give her a try. I found this story to be quite charming, had a very Traditional Regency feel to it. I'm always a sucker for a lost-love story, and thought this was done really well. Lots of tension and build-up. It would make a good full-length story where things could be developed a little more, but I found it to be a great read and zipped right through it. Definitely look forward to reading her other books!

I Kissed a Duke
I really enjoyed this one! Super fun. I thought it had a great plot, likable characters and was well written. This was my first book by Ms. Daniels and I'm already a fan! I look forward to reading more of her books. This was a gem!

Content: Clean

Source: eBooks for Review

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Once Upon a Time Travel by Sariah Wilson

Once Upon a Time TravelOnce Upon a Time Travel by Sariah Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Super fun!

This was just the distraction I needed! I thought this was a fun and unique story and was sucked in from the start. It combines my two favorite genres, contemporary and regency, into one delightful story.

After loosing her parents at a young age, Emma Damon spent her early years bouncing from one foster home to the next. Never really having an actual home to call her own. She overcomes her trials and works hard putting herself through school. After graduation college she lands an internship (or something like that) at Hartley Hall in England, she jumps at the chance and figures this will be a good chance to figure out her next step in life. She is drawn to Hartley Hall and her life is changed forever when she's snooping one night and discovers a hidden door.

From the synopsis you already know that Emma gets transported back 200 years to 1816. It's always fun to think about time-travel, wondering what it would be like to go back in time, or jump 200 years in the future! I can't even imagine what the world will be like in 2217! I think going back in time would be a little easier since we have so many books about the time period and would sort of know what to expect. I thought Ms. Wilson did a great job showing the differences between the time periods and how hard it would be to acclimate to such different customs, etc.

I loved the characters, Emma, Hartley and Aunt Charles as well as the other supporting cast. Emma is a likable heroine who is struggling to adapt to 1816 norms and give up all our modern conveniences. Harley was a great broody regency hero. There's lots of tension and chemistry between the two and of course some swoony kisses! One thing I liked that sets this apart from other regencies, is I just didn't know how it would end. The time-travel element leaves things up in the air as you read so you're never really sure if Emma will stay or go or what will happen. I liked being kept on my toes, but knew Ms. Wilson would find a way for them (and me) to get a HEA.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one and would definitely recommend to any contemporary/regency fan!

Romance: Clean - a few steamy kisses, but stays clean
Language: None, that I remember
Violence: None-very mild
Religious: None

Looking for something similar? Try Once Upon a Lifetime, Prada & Prejudice

Source: Netgally

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Author's Corner: Diane Darcy

Welcome to Author's Corner hosted by Bookworm NationKatie's Clean Book Collection and KJ's Book Nook! Once a month we will feature either a favorite author or new to us author. We will share the author's bio, one of our favorite books of theirs and a review. Each of us will be featuring a different author each month so there will also be links to each of our posts.

For this month's Author's Corner I am going to choose...

Diane Darcy

Diane Darcy loves to read and write lighthearted and funny books. She’s a member of the Heart of the West and RWA. She was a finalist for Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award. She’s written romantic comedies for several different genres – some historical, some contemporary, all lighthearted and fun. She makes her home in Utah with her family and is hard at work on her next book.
I'm sitting here trying to remember which of Diane's books was my first. I *believe* it was She Owns the Knight, which I loved! I clicked with her writing style and quickly devoured all her other books she had out at the time. I love that she writes in a few different genres, but all her books are light and fun and of course clean. They have fun characters, swoony romance and memorable stories. I always look forward to her books. I am sad to say I am a tad behind though, she has a bunch of new medieval books that I have yet to read! Yikes, I really need to get on the ball. I know they'll be fantastic as well. 


Which authors do you love? Who are some of your favorites?

Be sure to check out 

KJ's Book Nook

to see their author picks for October!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Rodeo Rescuer by Lynette Eason

Rodeo Rescuer (Wrangler's Corner #2)Rodeo Rescuer by Lynette Eason
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Starts out very exciting, sucked me in and definitely had me wanting to find out what was going on. our main character Tonya is on the run, hiding from her ex-boyfriend turned stalker. After he attempted to kill her, he was locked up but for some reason got out of jail and started stalking her again, forcing her into hiding. The book picks up a few years later when Tonya has established a new life and successful career. Somehow her stalker has tracked her down and wants to finish the job, once and for all.

I enjoyed the overall idea for this one and loved the rodeo setting. I went to my very first rodeo just a couple months ago and absolutely loved it. I loved seeing behind-the-scenes and having the story based around a rodeo. While I loved the setting and plot idea, the execution didn't quite do it for me. Tonya was a likable enough character, but she had so many near misses it seemed a little over the top. Seth was just okay for me, I never really felt that much romantic chemistry between the two. I think the suspense angle could have been developed a little better.

Overall, I did enjoy the story and look forward to trying more of Ms. Eason's books.

Romance: Clean. Mild kissing
Language: None
Violence: Mild. Attempted murder (a few different times, not graphic)
Religious: Very mild
Series: Wranglers Cove, Book Two. I haven't read the first book, and thought this stood well on its own. This does talk about who the bad guy was in book one though.

Source: Netgalley

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Author's Corner: Teresa McCarthy

Welcome to Author's Corner hosted by Bookworm NationKatie's Clean Book Collection and KJ's Book Nook! Once a month we will feature either a favorite author or new to us author. We will share the author's bio, one of our favorite books of theirs and a review. Each of us will be featuring a different author each month so there will also be links to each of our posts.

For this month's Author's Corner I am going to choose...

Teresa McCarthy

A few years ago I discovered Traditional Regency romances, and I was hooked! On my search for good clean regencies I came upon Teresa McCarthy. I read her book The Rejected Suitor and knew I had to get my hands on her other books. I've really enjoyed all of them, even her contemporaries. Sadly, its been a couple years since she's published a book and her online profiles (website, etc) are gone. Not sure what happened, but I still love her books and wanted to do a spotlight on her since I think my followers would enjoy her books as well.


Teresa has mostly written in the Regency genre, but does have a few spin-off contemporaries that are also a lot of fun. I think she's a great storyteller, her books are well written and have a nice flow to them. She's written about eleven books and I really enjoyed them all. Like I mentioned above, the first book I read of hers was the Rejected Suitor - a fun second-chance at love type story. Lots of great tension, misunderstanding and swoony romance.

This one has a few different covers, which one's your favorite??


Which authors do you love? Who are some of your favorites?

Be sure to check out 
to see their author picks for October!

The Cowboy's Accidental Bride by Cindy Roland Anderson

The Cowboy's Accidental Bride: Country Brides & Cowboy BootsThe Cowboy's Accidental Bride: Country Brides & Cowboy Boots by Cindy Roland Anderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Super cute!

I dropped everything when I saw Cindy had a new book out! I didn't even bother reading the synopsis, I just dove right in. That's what I love about having favorite authors, you always know you're going to get a great story.

Ruby was such a likable character, very tough and sweet. I loved that although she had a rough upbringing and messy divorce, she was a devoted mother and kept a positive outlook on life. I love being around people like that and reading about characters like that. Tate was also a fun character, very charming and patient. Ruby and Tate have some great chemistry and wow, who knew hugging could be so swoony?! Needless to say, these two have some great chemistry! I really enjoyed their story and watching them fall in love. I have a seven year old daughter, so I could relate so much to the young girls in this book.

Overall, this was a fun read. Well written, swoony romance and a cozy setting with likable characters. All the things I love in a good book.

Romance: Clean, HUGGING! and kissing
Language: None
Violence: None
Religious: None
Series: Country Brides & Cowboy Boots, stands alone

Source: Kindle Unlimited

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