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Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs

Genre: Adult Fantasy

Author Website:

One Word Review: Disappointing

Summary: When her former boss and mentor is arrested for murder and left to rot behind bars by his own kind, it's up to shape shifting car mechanic Mercy Thompson to clear his name, whether he wants her to or not. And she'll have to choose between the two werewolves in her life-whether she wants to or not.

My Review: I think the only reason I keep reading these books is because I like Adam (and Mercy) so much. I know Adam rubs some people the wrong way, but I think even though he is the Alpha and super dominant, he really makes an effort to not use that on Mercy. He lets her live her life and doesn’t try to change her; in fact he really tries to change himself. I don’t think I could write this review without giving away spoilers, so I decided that I would put my “spoiler” info in the comment section. I liked that this book focused on the fae, it was interesting to learn more about them and to meet new characters. I like Zee a lot, I was sad that he was out of the picture for a lot of the story, but I guess it had to be done. Overall, I wasn’t happy with the book. The ending upset me and I think it could have been handled differently. I don’t know if I would really recommend the series, it is rather dark and at times pretty violent. There has always been something that was a little off for me, the ending of this one didn’t help. Because of that I don’t know if I will continue the series. I’m very happy who Mercy chooses so I think I would be able to end on at least that good note

Reading Order:
Book One: Moon Called
Book Two: Blood Bound
Book Three: Iron Kissed
Book Four: Bone Crossed
Book Five: Silver Borne
Book Six: TBD
Book Seven: TBD



    Okay, so at the end of the book Mercy is raped. I hated that this happened for many reasons, but for now I will try and narrow it down to just a few reasons why I hate this story line. Through all three books Mercy has been able to overcome magic, and she does attempt it while our “bad guy” is making her drink his magic potion. Since magic doesn’t affect her as it does others I think she should have been able to fight the effect of the potion more, and also changed into her coyote form and gotten out of there or at least attacked the idiot. I guess I just don’t think there should have been a rape and I’m not sure about her reactions after and being able to get over it so quickly?? It ruined the story for me.

  2. Kath, I agree. It bothered me quite a bit as well. Because I care about Mercy so much and because she's so strong and because of the reasons you mentioned. Although I will say that she does not get over it quickly, as the fourth book shows. She's trying pretty hard at the end of IRON KISSED but Adam doesn't let her get away with any crap and they work things through at an appropriate pace, IMO. Anyway, hope that helps some. And yay for Adam! Love that guy...


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