Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Time for the Heart by Nancy Campbell Allen

Genre: Fiction-Mystery

Author Website:

One Word Review: Exciting

First Line: “Claire O’Brian viewed the empty spot on the shelf with something akin to dismay.”

Synopsis: For Claire O’Brian, a bright and beautiful archaeologist, working at a newly discovered archaeological site in the wilds of Guatemala is her opportunity of a lifetime. Unfortunately, the dig is being funded by Darren Stark, the manipulative ex-boyfriend. And if that isn’t enough, several rare artifacts have disappeared—and Claire suspects everyone. Enter “Bump” St. James, a handsome and capable private investigator. As Claire and Bump work together to unearth the mystery, their mutual attraction deepens.

Kathy’s Review: This was a fun mystery novel. There are a few different possibilities of who has been stealing the artifacts and it was fun trying to figure out who it was. I really enjoyed Claire’s character. I liked that she was strong, hard working, passionate and loyal. I also thought Allen did a great job giving her characters believable problems, like Claire’s eating disorder. None of the characters were perfect and aside from all the work related problems they also had personal problems to deal with as well. I’ve visited a few Mayan ruins before so I really enjoyed reading about that aspect of the story. Wouldn’t it be so fun to be an archaeologist! This was a fun read and would recommend it to anyone who likes mystery, archaeology, and of course a good romance.

Reading Order:
Book One: Love Beyond Time
Book Two: No Time for Love
Book Three: A Time for the Heart
Book Four: Echoes

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  1. I think NC Allen writes the best male characters that give me butterflies when I read them! I loved this book


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