Thursday, August 6, 2009

No Time for Love by Nancy Campbell Allen

Genre: Fiction

Author Site:

First Line:
“The hands that gripped the steering wheel were bruised and bleeding; all traces of the expensive manicure administered mere hours before had been obliterated.”

One Word Review: Exciting

Book Synopsis: Connor O’Brian knows his engagement is a mistake, but before he can take steps to end it, his fiancée is dead and FBI agents are on his doorstep. Then Liz Saxton, a resourceful and self-assured private investigator, shows up looking dangerously like the woman he thought he loved. Connor is hardly looking for a new romance, and the last thing Liz wants is to get involved in a murder investigation with someone as attractive as Connor O’Brian. Before they know it, Liz and Connor find themselves on a non-stop chase across continents and oceans in a race to find the evidence they need before a bullet finds them.

My Review: So, this book follows Liz (Amber’s sister from Love Beyond Time) and Connor. This could probably be a stand-alone, but I would recommend reading book one first. I liked that we were able to see a bit of Amber and Tyler and what they have been up too since their story was told. Liz and Connor have known each other for years but have only been “just friends”, although deep down they both have feelings for one another. They are thrown together when Connor’s condo keeps getting broken into and Liz, the private investigator, decides to help her friend out. As the story unfolds we learn that Connor’s fiancée wasn’t all that she seemed and her death may not have been an accident.

I enjoyed Liz and Connor, and it was fun watching them interact knowing that they both liked each other and at the same time not wanting to ruin their friendship. It was fun traveling with them all over the world as they try and solve the mystery of Allyson’s death and the mysterious disk left in Connor’s condo. This book is action packed, suspenseful, and full of romantic tension. A fun, quick read that anyone would enjoy.

Reading Order:
Book One: Love Beyond Time
Book Two: No Time for Love
Book Three: A Time for the Heart
Book Four: Echoes


  1. Again, you made my day! But I swear, I really will survive should you post a review that's less than stellar. ;-)

    I'm so glad you liked NTFL. It was a fun one. Feels like forever ago!

    BTW, I love the look of your site!!

  2. Nancy, I don't think I can write a bad review of any of your books, they are all so good!

    Speaking of you books, I'm anxiously waiting for the next Isabelle Webb book! Any hints on when it will be released?? =)


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