Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Star of the Morning by Lynn Kurland

Darkness covers the land of Neroche, and the King, Adhemar, has lost his magical abilities. Legend has it that only the two magical swords held by Adhemar can defeat the powerful evil that covers the land. So he begins his search to find the one person who is destined to help him save the kingdom and return his magic.

Morgan of Melksham despises magic, and anyone who uses magic. As a favor to her dear friend she agrees to deliver a magical dagger to the King of Neroche. Accompanying her on her quest is a stranger, Adhemar, his brother Miach and three old friends. Unbeknown to Morgan, Adhemar is really the King of Neroche and Miach is the Arch mage and are in search for the one person who can help them wield the sword of Neroche and push back the black magic that is covering the land. Neither brother expects that Morgan could be the answer to their problems, or that one of them would fall desperately in love with her.

Star of the Morning is the first in a new fantasy trilogy. I had read great reviews about this series, and was excited to get started. I was able to get lost in the story and was surprised at how quickly the book flew by. I enjoyed the different characters, even if I didn’t love their names. Morgan was a great heroin, she is an amazing fighter, very beautiful, and will probably end up being very magical as well. Although we know who everyone is throughout the story, the characters do not. It makes for a fun read, knowing that Morgan will probably be pretty upset when she finds out who she is traveling with. The book was well written, there was a lot of dialog, and it didn’t get bogged down in the details or scenery like a lot of fantasy novels do. My only complaint is that this book was written as a starter book, so it ends with a lot of cliffhangers and really not too much happening during the book other than getting to know the characters. It is pretty much meant to set up the story and get some background in. I am anxious to start the second book, The Mage’s Daughter, and see how the love story with Morgan turns out.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good romantic fantasy.

Book 2, The Mage's Daughter, I've heard is as good as the first, if not better.
Book 3, Princess of the Sword, comes out January 2009.

Reviewed by: Kathy


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