Monday, April 20, 2009

The Bracelet by Jennie Hansen

"As a servant for the wealthy Lady Burton, Georgiana is both surprised and flattered when her mistress's son Sydney ursues her. However, he insists on a hushed romance. To prove his love, and in celebration of their planned elopement, Sydney gives her a stunning bracelet. But Georgiana quickly discoveres the truth about Sydney and the cruel plan he has for her. In desperation, Georgiana decides she must flee."

Georgiana starts our really na├»ve and I had a hard time liking her at first. We learn quickly that Sydney isn’t all that he seems and Georgiana is soon running for her life. She mentions numerous times how she has been transferred from job to job because of men making unwanted advances on her, and then with her experience with Sydney I would have expected her to be a little doubtful or cautious when it came to men, but she’s not. As soon as she meets Robert she is in love and I found that a little hard to believe. Even if Robert is a fantastic guy, with everything she had been through I would expect her to be a little guarded in falling in love again, especially so soon. The only other thing that bothered me was how she would be faced with an impossible situation and things would just be resolved too quickly. There were so many things that happen to Georgiana in the first 100 pages that would normally take a while to get resolved, so that was a bit irksome.

I knew this was a Christian author and did except there to be some talk of religion, but when I had read a few chapters it seemed that it was just going to be a novel and not really include any religious talk. So, I was surprised when more than half-way through the book took a big turn into the whole religion aspect. The last part of the book really focuses on religion and Georgiana’s conversion. In a way this was nice, Georgiana is really able to grow as a character (and true to format, is converted rather quickly), and started making the right choices to finally start living the life that she wants to live.

It probably sounds like I hate the book, but I actually enjoyed it. I thought the main story idea was fun and the adventures the characters go on are engaging. The book moved along nicely and would recommend it as a fun read.

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