Sunday, May 17, 2009

Firebirds Rising

Wintermoon Wish by Sharon Shinn
This lovely short story takes place in the same world as Shinn’s Safe-Keeper trilogy. I’ve read one of the books ages ago, and when I started reading I soon remembered the wonderful world of Merendon. Lirril is our main heroine, and a bit of a snob. She arrives at her grandparent’s inn heartbroken that her crush in town has fallen in love with another girl. So when Jake arrives on the night of Wintermoon (a mix of Christmas and New Years Eve), she is not the most pleasant company. As the evening goes on Lirril soon lets her guard down and realizes there is more to Jake than what she originally thought. It is a rather short story, and I was disappointed when I turned the last page and realized the story was over. For me it was just beginning and I wanted to read more. I guess that is the problem with short stories, they are never long enough.

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