Thursday, July 9, 2009

Princess of the Sword by Lynn Kurland

Kathy previously reviewed this book in March of this year but I have more to say on this book so I hope you won't mind the repetition. The other two books in this series were such fun reads and I was excited for the conclusion. Sadly, like a lot of books I read, this book was in need of a good editor. There was a glut of characters and locations that meant nothing to me. So much so that when characters died or had bad things happen to them I couldn't have cared less! I can sum up the book in the following: Miach and Morgan were tired, they love each other, they are camping, they sneak away from each other, they look/steal spells. This sequence is replayed over and over throughout the book. Once the action was over and the well was closed the book drug on for 3 more chapters and even the epilogue, which should be short, sweet, and tie up all the loose ends, was drawn out and Kurland seemed to want to just keep telling the story. Morgan's character annoyed me because Kurland spent so much time telling us how tough she is only for Morgan to continually fall apart at stupid things, like the fact she can do magic. I wanted to yell, "get over it Morgan you've known you could do magic for 2 books now!" A notable bright spot is Miach's character. I must confess that I have a huge crush on him! He reminded me of Gregory Peck in The Big Country. The Big Country is a western that you should rent tonight if you have never seen it. Miach is a kick butt guy that never has to prove himself to anyone and I was super attracted to his cool confidence. His character really made this book worth it to me.

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  1. Miach really is a riot. I adore him and really need to get to this one. Though the consensus does seem to be it's not up to par with the other two. Sigh.


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