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Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier

Genre: Fantasy

Author Site: www.julietmarillier.com

First Line: “My mother knew every tale that was ever told by the firesides of Erin, and more besides.”

One Word Review: Entrancing

Book Synopsis: “Son of the Shadows takes up the story of the children of Sorcha, who saved her enchanted brothers, and Hugh, the Briton she married. Sorcha's daughter Liadan is a gifted seer and healer who thinks, in spite of her visions, that she knows what the future has in store for her--caring for her dying mother and then an alliance marriage to Eamonn. A chance meeting on the road carries her off to care for a dying man--one of the mercenaries of the sinister Painted Man, Eamonn's archenemy and a killer for hire. Liadan discovers that she cannot choose whom she loves and that she and the Painted Man are as bound up in destiny as her mother and father were before her.” -GoodReads

My Review:
This is the second in the Sevenwaters Saga, and although it was a bit darker than its predecessor, I still enjoyed it, maybe I was more prepared for it this time around. Thinking back, I actually did enjoy DOTF quit a bit. Son of the Shadows was a captivating read; Marillier is a fantastic writer and really sucks you into a story. Although I have a million other things I need to be doing, like eating & sleeping, I kept saying to myself “just one more chapter”. This is definitely not a quick read and some parts were a little drawn out, but overall it was a good story.

I really liked Liadan; she was a very believable character for me. I loved that she made her own choices and didn’t let her family, the fair folk or anyone tell her what to do. She was strong, smart, courageous and faithful. Her love interest Bran had a very sad past, it was hard to read about and I skipped most of it, but I just love his character. I don’t know what it is about “warriors” but they just do something to me (maybe that’s why I married a Marine?). Bran is misunderstood and is really an amazing guy; it’s very easy to see why Liadan falls for him. I would have liked if their relationship was built up a little more (at least longer than the week it actually took) before they really “fell” for each other, but I guess they had an underlying bond that helped things move along quickly. There are plenty of villains and other stories going on to really draw you in. My heart broke for Niamh and once again I skipped over some of her story, but I was glad how things ended up for her.

With the Sevenwaters saga Marillier addresses some rough topics, things I don’t usually like to read about, but it’s still a captivating tale and probably wouldn’t bother others. I think I prefer her young adult novels a little more.

Reading Order:
Book One: Daughter of the Forest
Book Two: Son of the Shadows
Book Three: Child of the Prophecy
Book Four: Heir to Sevenwaters

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  1. I'm glad you tried this one and enjoyed it. And so happy you loved Bran. He is a special favorite of mine. I am completely with you on the warriors. *swoon*


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