Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rating Scale

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Sensuality Rating Scale
Squeaky Clean (G): No sex, chaste kissing if any.
Clean (PG): No sex or behind closed doors, kissing (may be more descriptive).
Pretty clean (PG-PG13): No sex or “fade to black”, mild innuendo and passionate kissing.
Sketchy clean (PG13): Implied intimacy, or closed door, tends to leave more to the imagination. Descriptive or crude innuendo and passionate kissing.
Not clean (R): On screen sex or overly descriptive intimacy/innuendo.

Other content
Language: Mild (few swearwords), Moderate (a lot of cussing w/ variety), Heavy (lots of swearing or more offensive words)

Violence: Mild (non-descriptive), Moderate (a lot or more detailed), Heavy (violent themes or actions in greater detail)

Religion: Mild (Christian characters, low to no preaching), Moderate (more preaching or focus on religious themes), Heavy (main point is to preach, story comes second)

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