Friday, September 25, 2009

Retro Friday Review

Retro Friday Review is a weekly meme hosted by Angieville. This focuses on classics, out of print books or just old favorites that don’t get the attention they deserve. This Friday’s review is:

The Indian in the Cupboard
Lynne Reid Banks

What could be better than a magic cupboard that turns small toys into living creatures? Omri's big brother has no birthday present for him, so he gives Omri an old medicine cabinet he's found. Although their mother supplies a key, the cabinet still doesn't seem like much of a present. But when an exhausted Omri dumps a plastic toy Indian into the cabinet just before falling asleep, the magic begins. Turn the key once and the toy comes alive; turn it a second time and it's an action figure again.

This book was originally published in 1981. My mom read this to my brother and since I wanted to be exactly like him I listened too. She would read to us before bed and I would snuggle in the covers and get lost in the story. I remember it being a little hard for me to understand but just thinking that my toys could come alive was such a thrilling idea! I remember the cowboy being hilarious for some reason. When I was looking through some old books I realized that I had tucked this book in with my beloved children's books and thought it would be perfect for a retro review. It is a great read. To my delight I also discovered, while writing this review, that there are more books in this series. The whole series will be on my TBR pile for my little ones.

Reading Order:

Book One: The Indian in the Cupboard

Book Two: The Return of the Indian

Book Three: The Secret of the Indian

Book Four: The Mystery of the Cupboard


  1. Awww, I *loved* The Indian in the Cupboard as a child. But I had no idea there were more books. Must make a mental note to revisit these. :-D

  2. The fourth one is my very favorite. OH I love that book.

  3. I've never read this. Tried to watch the movie, but I didn't really like it. Sounds like a fun book to read to my little boys. Is eight too young.

  4. Mary,

    I think eight would be a perfect age for this book. I guess you could always try it and if he's too young try again when he is older.

  5. I read ALL FOUR when I was in elementary school and loved them all! Like Janssen, the fourth was my fave. :D

  6. This seems so familiar to me, and I know it was around when I was a kid, but I can't remember if I actually read it or not.

    I've got an award for your lovely blog here.


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