Saturday, October 10, 2009

Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs

Genre: Adult Fantasy-Fiction

Author Website:

One Word Review: Okay

First Line: “The wind was chill and the cold froze the ends of her toes.”

Kathy’s Review: This is a spin-off from the Mercy Thompson series. This follows the story of Anna and Charles, the Marrok’s (leader of all werewolves) son and hit-man. The story rotates point of view (which I enjoyed) and although it is rather short we learn a lot and it almost has the feel of a full-length novel. Anna was “changed” without her constant and has spent the first year being passed around the male wolves in her pack and the rest of the time being abused and trained to think she was nothing. Then Charles comes along and reveals that she is an Omega.

I enjoyed the story but it wasn’t my favorite. There was a lot of talk about sex and references to Anna’s previous abuse (although neither in any great detail), so that was a bit much. I don’t know what it is with Briggs and rape, but it seems to be a major plot line in her stories. I’m debating if I’ll read the rest of the series. Not sure if Anna or Charles really drew me in enough to continue reading. Course, it seems I say that about her books and then I go out and read them anyway.

Reading Order:
Prequel: Alpha and Omega (On the Prowl)
Book One: Cry Wolf
Book Two: Hunting Ground

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  1. Ok, I didn't read this book, mostly because you didn't make it sound that appealing. So I skipped ahead, due to Cry Wolf just being available at the library.

    I liked it. I liked it more than the Mercy books. Maybe because it was strictly werewolves, no faye or vampire mystery solving. For me Mercy and Adam's relationship was the only compelling factor.

    Ok, I'm not explaining it well, I just liked it better.


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