Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Espressologist by Kristina Springer

Genre: YA Fiction

Publication Date: October 2009

Author Website:

One Word Review: Light

First Line: “Excuse me,” the customer says, stepping up to the counter.

Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old barista Jane Turner has this theory that you can tell a lot about a person by their regular coffee drink. She scribbles it all down in a notebook and calls it Espressology. So it’s not a totally crazy idea when Jane starts hooking up some of her friends based on their coffee orders. Like her best friend, Em, a medium hot chocolate, and Cam, a toffee nut latte. But when her boss, Derek, gets wind of Jane’s Espressology, he makes it an in-store holiday promotion, promising customers their perfect matches for the price of their favorite coffee. -GoodReads

Kathy’s Review: This was a very quick, lighthearted read. There really isn’t a whole lot of conflict for our leading lady Jane, and everything always seems to work out just right for her. If you’re in the mood for something very light then this is the book for you. It had a cute story idea and the characters were likable enough. I couldn’t really get a good read on Jane. She was technically still in high school but was taking some classes at her local junior college. She acted more like a girl out of high school, so when HS was mentioned it seemed a little out of place. I think the author should have just made her a college freshman. Overall, a pretty cute read!

(There was quite a bit of swearing, but otherwise a really clean read.)


  1. I love the idea of this book. It sounds adorable!

  2. This book looked cute! How much swearing are we talking about? Thanks!

  3. This book sounds cute. And I agree with Becky, the idea of the book does sound quite adorable.

  4. Just got this link on facebook. Thanks for the review! Regarding swears-- there is only one. :-)


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