Thursday, May 6, 2010

Incognito by Suzanne Allain

Genre: Regency Romance

Publication Date: July 2009

One Word Review: Lighthearted

Author Website:

First Line: “Lady Elizabeth Smithfield, relict of Sir John Smithfield, surveyed her two daughters as they sat together.”

GoodReads Synopsis: Can a young lady allow her beloved sister to be sacrificed on the marriage altar? Emily Smithfield cannot. So when her mother announces that a marriage has been arranged between Emily’s older sister Lydia and Lord Wesleigh, a man the sisters have never met, Emily offers to marry the gentleman in her sister’s stead. Emily’s act of selflessness leaves Lydia free to marry the man she loves and Emily the bride of a handsome young marquess. Not a bad bargain at all! Lord Wesleigh, who knows nothing of Emily’s matchmaking scheme, arrives in the small village where the Smithfields reside disguised as a curate, in an attempt to observe his betrothed anonymously. When Lord Wesleigh finds himself more attracted to Emily than her sister, the rules of the game change. Can he make Emily fall in love with him when she believes him to be a penniless curate?

Kathy’s Review: This was a really lighthearted, fun read. I liked our heroine Emily, she wants to get out of her small country lifestyle and see the world. She is also perceptive and starts noticing things that don’t quite add up. She puts on her “Nancy Drew” hat and ends up getting herself mixed up in a little adventure. Alex (Lord Wesleigh/Mr. Williams) was a fun leading man. I don’t blame him for wanting to go undercover to figure out what his future wife is like, and although things got a little out of hand, he still maintains his cool. Emily and Alex have great chemistry together, their romance was really sweet and as the story goes on you can tell they really do care for one another. It was a fun read, and probably one I would read again.

The only thing I didn’t really like was the fact that it switched POV randomly throughout the novel. Not just between Emily and Alex but also with some of the supporting characters as well. I can see how the author wanted us to know what was going on here and there, but it can get confusing when it switches too much and at random parts. Once you get into the story though you get used to the transitions and I didn’t notice it as much by the end.

Bookworm Rating: 3.5
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  1. The sounds really cute and so fun. The cover is darling.

  2. Cute book. Of course my library does not have this one either. What is up with that? I guess I am just grateful for what I have:).


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