Friday, June 4, 2010

For Keeps by Natasha Friend

Genre: Teen Lit

Publication Date: April 2010

One Word Review: Blah

Author Website:

GoodReads Synopsis: For sixteen years, Josie Gardner and her mom, Kate, have been a team. It’s been the Gardner Girls against the world, and that’s how Josie likes it. Until one day, in the pet food aisle of Shop-Co, they run into the parents of Paul Tucci, Kate’s high school boyfriend—the father Josie has never met. If Mr. and Mrs. Tucci are back in town, it’s only a matter of time until Paul shows up. Suddenly Josie’s mature, capable mother regresses to the heartbroken teenager she was when Paul moved away. Meanwhile, Josie’s on the verge of having her first real boyfriend, while her free-loving best friend, Liv, begins yet another no-strings-attached fling. When Josie learns some surprising truths about Paul Tucci, she finds herself questioning what she’s always believed about her parents—and about herself. In FOR KEEPS, Natasha Friend tells a fresh, funny, smart story about what happens when a girl gets the guy she always wanted and the dad she never knew she needed.

Kathy’s Review: I’m wavering between giving this a 1 or a 2. The whole story idea seemed kind of clich├ęd. I liked the parts with Josie and Matt, but they were few and far between (and I would have preferred a more PG relationship with them as well). Another blogger, Janseen, compared this to Gilmore Girls and I totally see what she meant. The story is awfully similar, but it was lacking the charm of Gilmore Girls. I guess I’m also a sucker for happy endings and I really wanted things to work out for Kate. Anyway, the story was just kind of boring, but kept me interested enough to finish. I was more interested in the Josie-Matt story and enjoyed the times they were featured. Josie’s BFF Liv was on okay side character (although, I didn’t care for the gay dads storyline). Overall, it wasn’t what I was looking for and probably wouldn’t recommend.

Content: There is swearing, underage drinking, and mild sexual content.

Bookworm Rating: 1.5

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  1. Ugh, I didn't like this book much at all. What a disappointment. Glad I'm not the only one who thought it was one giant cliche.


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