Friday, July 2, 2010

Spells by Aprilynne Pike

Genre: Fairy/Fantasy

Publication Date: April 2010

One Word Review: Okay

Author Website:

First Line: “Laurel stood in front of the cabin, scanning the tree line, her throat constricting in a rush of nerves.”

GoodReads Synopsis: It's been almost a year since Laurel discovered that she is a faerie, placed with human parents as an infant to help protect the gateway to the faerie realm of Avalon. Although she's come to accept her true identity, Laurel refuses to turn her back on her human life-and especially her boyfriend, David-to return to the faerie world. But when she is summoned to Avalon to relearn her long-forgotten faerie magic, Laurel must depend on the charismatic faerie sentry Tamani. Her feelings for him are undeniable, and she is forced to make a choice-a choice that could break her heart. When a deadly enemy resurfaces and puts both Laurel's life and Avalon in danger, Laurel must draw on all her human strength as well as her faerie skills to save both of her worlds and all of those she holds dear.

Kathy’s Review: I don’t know how I did it, but I actually found a little time during the week to actually read. Although, it became clear that the days of sitting and reading a book cover to cover are long gone.

I’ve been looking forward to reading Spells for a long time. I wouldn’t say I was disappointed in Spells, but it didn’t “wow” me like Wings did. I think it may have suffered from Middle Book Syndrome. The beginning was fun, I liked Laurel going to Avalon and her time spent there, and of course her relationship with Tamani. Toward the middle of the book she returns to the human world and that’s where things really slowed down for me. Tamani was gone and David is the main focus. For some reason I just don’t like David. The last quarter of the book was still a little slow, even when the “exciting” things are happening it just didn’t seem all that interesting. I was also frustrated with Laurel who is suffering from the Bella Syndrome, where she loves two guys and wants them both, regardless of how it makes them feel. I like Tamani so much and almost wish he would end up with someone else, Laurel doesn’t deserve him. Anyway, I’ll get off my Tamani soap box and just say that while there were things that disappointed me, I still enjoyed the book overall. It’s probably a good set up for the last book and still worth reading. If you enjoyed Wings, then I think you’ll enjoy Spells.

Bookworm Rating: 3.5

Reading Order:
Book One: Wings
Book Two: Spells
Book Three: April 2011

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  1. I enjoyed spells, but it didn't wow me either. Glad you found time to read something. It does get easier.
    I'm giving away a hardback copy of spells on my blog if you want to let your readers know.


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