Monday, November 1, 2010

A Daring Return by Kathleen Fuller

Genre: Regency

Publication Date: August 2009

One Word Review: Good

Author Website:

GoodReads Synopsis: Eight years ago, Gavin Parringer left London after the woman he loved, Diana Dymoke, rejected him and married someone else. Suffering from amnesia, he has returned to England, unable to recall anything of his former life. He doesn't even recognize Diana, who is now a widow with regrets. Despite everything that has come between them in the past, Gavin finds himself falling in love with Diana for a second time. Diana also has feelings for Gavin, but she is afraid that if he remembers how harshly she treated him before he left London, he will have nothing to do with her. Thus, she keeps the truth of their prior relationship a secret. Yet when Diana's life is threatened and Gavin's memory returns, they both have to face the ghosts of their pasts in order to embrace a future together.

Kathy’s Review: This is the last in the trilogy and it was nice to see everything wrapped up. Each book followed two different characters as they found each other and fell in love. Diana and Gavin have been present in past books and it was interesting to finally get to their story. Diana hasn’t been a favorite of mine, for some reason I just didn’t relate to her. She does grow and has changed quite a bit by time her story starts. I was expecting a little more mystery, but there really wasn’t any mystery at all. I guess I was disappointed that there wasn’t more. Gavin’s amnesia added an interesting element and it was fun to see how he fell in love with Diana all over again. Overall, it was an entertaining read but not my favorite in the series.

Bookworm Rating: 3

Reading Order:
Book One: A Brilliant Deception
Book Two: A Clever Disguise
Book Three: A Daring Return

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