Friday, September 30, 2011

Tiger's Quest by Collen Houck

GoodReads Synopsis: Kelsey Hayes is no ordinary college freshman. In fact, the eighteen-year-old girl has just returned from India, where she risked her life—and her heart—to rescue a handsome Indian prince from a terrible curse. Back home in Oregon, Kelsey is determined to move on, despite the lingering feelings she has for the man she left behind. She meets Li, a completely average guy who offers the promise of an ordinary, curse-free life. But just when Kelsey is ready to move on, Ren reenters her life, on a quest to reclaim her heart. Danger threatens their newly rekindled love and to save him, Kelsey must journey with someone else—a man who wants her for himself.

Kathy’s Review: Ahhh, what a cliffhanger ending! But, before I get to the ending I’ll talk about the rest of the book. I enjoyed this one as much as the first. It felt like there was a lot less “data-dumping” than the first book, although there is still some. The story picks up right where the first book leaves off and I liked that the first part of the book was more normal. Kelsey is trying to live with her decision, but secretly hoping Ren will come after her. When the whole gang is all back together the adventure really begins. Kishan plays a much bigger role this time around. Here’s my thing with Kishan, I like him. He’s hot, charming and brave. What I don’t like is how he is constantly going after his brother’s girl. The storyline kind of reminds me too much of Vampire Diaries, without the vampires. I do like Kishan and I totally feel for him, but dude, go get your own girl. I just hope that Houck doesn’t drag out this little love-triangle for the rest of the series. The whole will-they-won’t-they will get a little old after awhile. I will say that I was pleased that Kelsey wasn’t wishy-washy, but with how the book ends I’m really curious to see what happens and who ends up with whom. Anyway, Ren is awesome. I totally love him and the ending really hurt my heart. I didn’t realize that the book had a sneak peak for book three until the next morning. I ran and grabbed my copy to read it and now I really can’t wait for November 1 when the next book comes out. This is a really fun series with a unique story and fun characters.

Bookworm Rating: 4

Genre: Fantasy
Publication Date: June 2011
One Word Review: Enjoyable
Author Website:

Reading Order:

Book One: Tiger’s Curse

Book Two: Tiger’s Quest

Book Three: Tiger’s Voyage

Book Four: Tiger’s Destiny

Book Five: Tiger’s Dream

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  1. Only a four??? WHAT!! How did you not give this book 5? I could not put this one down to save my life. Also, I did not know there were five books! I can't believe I have to wait that long. Great review as always...


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