Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Secret Fire by Deborah McBride Hathaway

Emma Marchant leads an uneventful life, but when cowboy Thatcher Deakon walks into the Marchant Inn that she runs with her family, she fears she may never be the same. Can Emma gain confidence in herself and realize that she has the right to be in love? Only Thatcher can help her overcome her insecurities, but he has his own fears to surmount. This heartwarming romance novel reveals that when the love between two people is real, it can exceed all obstacles.


I really enjoyed this one. I was quickly sucked into the story by Emma’s endearing character. I thought Emma was really likable, a bit shy at times, but a sweetheart. Thatcher was a doll, I fell for him right off the bat, just like Emma. I thought they had good chemistry and some really nice moments together (Mmmm, kissing in the rain!). It really is a sweet story and full of that good old western charm. I even got a kick out of snobbish Nancy Jane, she was quite mean-spirited, but added a fun element to the story.  I thought the story was well written and moved along nicely. I also liked Eliza, Seth and James who were all fun characters and added a lot to the story. I’ll definitely be rereading this one! Overall, a very enjoyable read, at times it reminded me of Marcia McClure (which is a good thing), so if you enjoy her books you’ll enjoy this one just as much!   

Thanks so much to the author for a review copy, I loved the story and look forward to reading more from Deborah McBride Hathaway! 

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