Sunday, March 17, 2013

Second Chances by Melanie Jacobson

After walking out of a thankless job at a prestigious marketing firm, feisty California entrepreneur Louisa Gibson is going into business for herself. Lou's pioneering venture, The Mormon Bachelor, is a reality dating web series sure to be fabulous advertising for her new marketing firm. But shortly before filming begins, the unthinkable happens -- Trentyn, a.k.a. The Bachelor, gets a girlfriend. And Lou needs a new leading man -- fast. Enter Nick, Lou's devastatingly handsome ex-boyfriend. He's the stereotypical actor: shallow, self-serving...and perfect for the job. Despite Nick's attempts to reestablish their friendship and the growing spark between them, Lou is determined to keep her distance. The show must go on -- but what's a girl to do when the Mr. Wrong of the past just may be the Mr. Right of the future?
My thoughts:
I really liked this one. I’ve found a few “reality dating” books lately that have been a lot of fun. I love watching The Bachelor and its fun to read more of the behind the scenes action. I liked our leading characters, Nick and Louisa. They had fun chemistry together. I admit, there were times I wondered what Nick’s motivations where, but I knew this is a HEA type book and was looking forward to seeing how things were going to work out for the two of them. Both really had to make some changes for things to work out between them this time around.

I did think twenty-one girls was a bit much. I think he should have had to date a smaller number of women. I also was confused why they only “aired” about five minutes of each date. I don’t think that would be enough time to really show any of the date or conversations. That five minutes would take up all the mid-date and end-of-date interviews. I think for a web show at least twenty minutes would have made a little more sense. At least to me. There were a few other minor things, but overall I thought it was really enjoyable. It kept me reading and when I did have to put it down to take care of kids, I was always eager to get back to it. Will definitely be a re-read for me.

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  1. This book sounds really fun. I've added it to my to-read list. So many of her books sound so great, but I haven't read them yet! Great review.

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