Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Scholar by May Nicole Abbey

A leap through time. A choice to make. A destiny to change. Dismissed by her professors, ridiculed by her classmates, Serena Metcalfe is determined to prove the existence of the Samu Aqaru, the powerful stone of the ancient pharaohs – even if it means travelling through time. But her study of Egyptology did not prepare her for the dangers and passions of the real Egypt of 2361 BC. Crocodile attacks, kidnapping, betrayal, murder…and a pharaoh who believes she is a goddess and wants her as his queen. But Serena isn’t about to give herself to a king – not when finding the precious Stone could mean saving the man she loves. Irresistible playboy Shepseskaf, fated for an early death, and his loyal yet ruthless cousin Pepisenkaura were once the closest of friends, but the right to the throne of Egypt and their rivalry for Serena threaten to transform them into bitter and eternal enemies. Only Serena knows the tragic destiny that awaits, and only Serena can rewrite history…by following her heart.
I really enjoyed the Egyptian setting in this novel. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that takes place in this time period before and I really liked it. Serena was a pretty likable heroine; she really goes through a lot, but always remains positive. I like that she is loyal and tries to do the right thing. It does take her awhile to decide what to do about her future and to see her own worth. I liked how by the end you can see how one person really can make a difference. I liked our hero, he really grew on my throughout the story and he was very protective of Serena. I don’t know much about the ancient Egyptian culture, but I don’t imagine the women were treated very well. So, it was nice to see the hero treat Serena with respect. There is a bit of a love-triangle, which was handled well. There is quite a bit of action and once you start reading it’s hard to put down. I thought this was quite different than the first book in the series, maybe because of the setting? I enjoyed it though and it makes me want to read more books that take place in Egypt, fun setting. Overall, it was a fun read. Content: Clean, PG.
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