Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Love & Trust Trilogy by Shannon Guymon

This series takes place in the same charming town of Fircrest, WA. Rob owns the Iron Skillet, where his sister Taryn is the manager. His youngest sister Bailey works for the local newspaper. They’ve all been burned in love and are slow to trust.

I really enjoyed this trilogy. It was fun seeing each character open themselves up to love and to find their perfect match. We met Rob in the previous series and it was fun to see him find his happily ever after in Come to Me. Bailey’s story was great, she had been seriously burned before and had closed herself off completely. It takes a really special and determined man to bring down her walls. Her love story was full of romance, tension and a sweet love story. The last book, Tough Love, is all about the humbling of Taryn. Her story is a bit of a roller coaster and she fights who she is meant to be with, but it just makes their ending all the more sweet. Overall, another great trilogy. I love the setting, characters and love stories.

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