Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Crimson Frost by Marcia McClure

Genre: High Fantasy-Medieval, Kingdom of Karvana
Heroine: Scarlet Princess, Monet
Hero: Crimson Knight, Broderick
I've been on a medieval kick lately and this was a perfect fit and a fun way to kick off my MLM read-a-thon.  I’ve read this one a few times and I think I like it more each time. I really enjoyed it this time around; maybe I was just in the right mood for the whole knight in shining armor thing. I enjoyed the storyline quite a bit, the kingdom of Karvana is at war and in order to protect their future the princess must go into hiding. Who better to protect her than the kingdom’s greatest warrior, the Crimson Knight.

The book starts at a tournament of knights, which made me think of the movie A Knights Tale. I liked the time spent at the castle and tournament, but I especially loved the time Broderick and Monet spent in hiding. It was fun to see them living “normal” lives and build a strong friendship.

I was sucked into the medieval world McClure created. The story moved along nicely and had a fun mix of romance and adventure. The only thing I would tweak is the title. I like A Crimson Frost, but I think The Champions Prize would be better. Overall, a fun and entertaining read. If you enjoy medieval stories be sure to pick this one up.

Romance: Clean, just kissing any intimacy is behind closed doors.
Violence: Mild fighting

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