Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall for Fluff, Part III

It's Tuesday which means we have another round of Trivia fun! I love Tuesdays! It's fun to hear from everyone and get some fun discussions going. A Big thanks to KJ for providing today's trivia quotes!

Who Said It?

"Well, you might wanna...sort of...brace for impact or something. I've been holding this back for too long, and it might come across as a little too... aggressive."

"Thus, if you wish me to be intimate in names, and careless in kisses... then I will be intimate and careless. Or rather, careless in names and intimate in kisses."

"Shhh. Don't worry about it, bootylicious bunny. You'll just have to become a kept woman... my kept woman."

"Oh don't you worry. Between the crick coolin' yer feet and me warmin' up yer mouth, tomorrow will be here before ya know it."

Who Plays It Better?
Okay, so everyone seemed pretty happy with Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Trevon Navaronne, I feard if I even attempted to change him we'd have a mutiny! We weren't 100% sure of who to cast as Cristabel though and thought it'd be fun to get your input. Who do you think makes the best Cristabel and Trevon? (Oh, and yes we did sneak in a new Trevon, I actually think he makes a pretty good fit as well!)
1                                                                   2
3                                                                        4
What's Your Favorite MLM...
I like to make things interesting and get y'all thinking so here's a fun one for everyone. What are your top FIVE favorite MLM kissing scenes? I KNOW it'll be hard to narrow it down to only five, I still haven't been able to do so...yet. :)

And, just for fun...another poll!
Who would you rather be stranded on a desert island with?

**Oh, if you haven't already, be sure and send me your list of Top Ten favorite MLM books! I'm compiling the answers and will release the results at the end of Swoon Fest!


  1. Ok, so I know these 2 for sure...
    #2 - Crimson Frost
    #4- Light of the Lover's Moon

  2. Michael McCall kissing Brynn against the tree- HOT.
    Gentry kissing Autumn on the bridge when it was raining- HOT. (I think it was this book...)
    Trevon kissing Cristabel... like every time, but definitely "for the sake of James Kelley" - HOT.
    Ryder kissing Dusty "for old times sake" & when they are playing sardines- HOT.

  3. Oh and I vote for #4, but I really don't like picturing Capt. Navarrone or Captain Hook with anyone. ;)

  4. I'm just going to take over the comments... haha But I think Trevon #2 is more what Marcia described. But I don't "picture" people when I read as much as I "hear" them. I heard Capt. Hook's voice when I read Trevon. So that's why I vote for him. Kinda like when I read The Chimney Sweep Charm I could totally hear "Dean Winchester" or Jensen Ackles saying the corny lines or whatever and it made it a lot of fun. :)

  5. I know all the quotes!! But my lips are zipped!! ;) Hehe.

    My vote is for #3!! I just finished reading The Pirate Ruse and they were just perfect for me!! :)

    As for my favorite kisses... I'm still thinking!! I have a couple of them and will post when I have it all narrowed down!! ;) Hehe.

  6. In random order, and I may have to tweak my list...

    -Jackson and Malania in the cave!
    -Ransom "teaching" Vaden how to kiss!
    -Paxton and Rivers in the storm cellar! (as Tori would say..."hot!"
    -Logan and Boston in the pantry
    -And I have to say Gentry and Autumn kissing on the bridge too. (it was that book that made me create my "favorite kisses" shelf on Goodreads!)

    I have a small confession, I may have missed the turn to pick up my kids today because I was too distracted thinking about which kisses were my favorite. MLM books should come with a warning about operating vehicles while under the influence! :)

  7. Oh and Tori, you need to email Kathy Jo, for fun she has been casting us with our favorite heroes! She's done it for a couple of us and would love to do it for you to if you want! (And anyone else that wants to see themselves with their favorite guy! :)

  8. Yes! Anyone that wants to be casted with their favorite hero email me your picture and who you would like to be casted with and I will GLADLY pair you up!! I am having lots of fun with casting!! Kath, Katie and I have done a few ourselves and Kath may or may not post them on her blog for all the world to see!! ;) Hehe. You can email me at kjsbooknook@gmail.com.

    As for my favorite kisses... I have them narrowed down... ;)

    1. Swaggart helping Poppy cross off her #1... LOVE!! Well... actually ALL their kisses are my favorites!! ;) Hehe.
    2. Broderick and Monet being careless in names and intimate in kisses... LOVE!! (I can post this one since Tori has guessed it! Hehe.)
    3. Rake and Aspen's little make out session after the Halloween Party... LOVE!!
    4. Jagger and Tabby's first kiss after spending the night together... LOVE!!
    5. And I'm with Kath on my last one... Boston and Vance in the pantry... LOVE!!

    There are many more I am sure!! But these are the ones that really stood out for me when I was looking at my bookshelves! ;)

    And I too have a confession... I giggled like a school girl thinking of all my favorite kisses!! ;) Hehe.

  9. Duh, I forgot about Rake and Aspen in the moonlit woods, that is a good one! *swoon*

    Good ones KJ, I love all those ones too!

  10. I'm terrible at quotes and won't even attempt it. #3 is my vote for the casting. And I need to think about kisses. There are too many good ones!


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